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Hey Guys....


Hey Guys. Yes, I'm still alive. LOL. I've missed you guys. How are things? I literally feel like I say that all the time and then disappear. I bet you are like well. Here she goes and then there she goes. Lol no seriously...things have been well. So I feel like I should catch you guys up on my life and what has been up.

1. I have started a small business on Etsy

This is really in the developmental stages but I have started a sewing business. It is not quite public yet but I will keep you posted on my progress and all that good stuff. I enjoy sewing and I wanted to do it as just a hobby but a little bird talked me into pursuing it as a part-time job type of deal. Lol pray for me.

2. My hair has grown a my opinion.

I straightened my hair this weekend to get a trim. I actually have not gotten it trimmed yet but it looks back to the length it was before I did that drastic cut to it about a year ago. Maybe it was less than a year ago but it is back. I don't have pictures of my hair because I kind of feel off the whole blogging wheel for lack of motivation. However, I will take a few and/or throw in some of my graduation photos so you all can see my progress. (Graduation pic above but you can't see the length. lol)

3. I went on a technology fast for like a month.

My husband and I came to the realization that we spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME on our phones, social media, email, and you name it. So, we just decided to give it a break for a month and just spend more time being connected and plugged into life. Oh My Goodness, that was the most freeing month that I have ever had and it was so stress free. Of course we did use email for necessary things like our jobs but overall we were UNPLUGGED. I literally suggest that to anyone who wants to de-stress. It works. Honestly you feel the most stressed in your life for like a week into it because of withdrawals but it is so much bliss in just sticking it out y'all.

4. I graduate with a Master's Degree this summer.

I have mentioned this maybe too many times than I like to admit but guys...its happening. It has been a long, long, long process but the date is nearing and I couldn't be more thrilled and excited. So I'll just sit this right here. Just. In. Case. You. Wanted. To. Know.

5. My full-time job still takes majority of my freedom lol

Nothing new. Nothing New. Period.

6. Had a minor health scare

OMG guys around the time I disappeared I was having headaches, nausea, dizziness, and blurred vision without being pregnant or anything. Anyway, I went to the doctor and he requested that I have a CAT scan done and the results showed something odd. Then, I had to have an MRI done and they discovered something that I won't mention here (because I'm in a really good place). However, it is not serious which I didn't know back then. So, I freaked out and I was dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety about the whole ordeal. Not to mention, I googled a lot of stuff and scared myself even more than I should have. Long story short, I scheduled an appointment with a neurologist on Apr 20th but it was cancelled by the doctor because he was out of the office. However, the appointment is rescheduled for late May. I am trusting and believing that this will all be well. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will update you as I know more or feel comfortable sharing.

Happy Hair Days Guys! See ya soon.

Wash Day: Top Knot


For starters, this is how my hair has looked for about two weeks. NO JOKE!!!! I have been stuck in a rut for like a month. I haven't had any new blogging ideas because my hair has looked exactly like this. I told my husband that I was going to spice up my hair life (like he cares) but I really am getting bored with my natural strands. I need ideas. I need ideas.

I know that this style contributes to hair breakage, tangles, and the works. I always complain about my hair breaking and how everyone else's hair is growing but I really do not take care of my hair that well if I am honest. BUT I PROMISE I WILL NOT CUT IT AGAIN THIS TIME. I will just grow out it out and be patient.

Back to today's shenanigans and the start of my spicy hair life. I tried a new style. Yep, I tried a top knot. It was super easy and quick. Eventually, I do want to start back wearing my twist outs and give these ponytail styles a break.  This was my go to style since the leave in conditioner I use does not have any hold (my twist outs do not exist without holding products). To see what products I used for this style. Check out my last wash day post here. I only used 4 PRODUCTS.......JUST 4.

For starters, I cowshed with the Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner and exfoliated my scalp with my Tangle Teezer.  Next, I rinsed and applied my deep conditioner, Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque w/ Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil. Once I applied my deep conditioner, I used my fingers to detangle in sections, covered my hair in a plastic bag, and heat conditioned with my Gold N' Hot Conditioning Cap for 15 minutes.  I always pull my hair up into a high pony tail so that my ends are exposed to the most heat during conditioning.

After conditioning I rinsed my hair of the product, shook my curls to remove excess moisture and air dried for about 10 minutes. Next I applied my leave in conditioner, Garnier Fruitis Butter Cream Leave in, and Argan Oil from Shea Moisture. Next, I flat twisted my hair in 7 large chunky twists.

Side note: Once I was done twisting, I finished sewing my quilt top, which is the image in the background. I taped it to the wall to prevent it from wrinkling. LOL. Sewing junky is my new name.

Back to the hair, I untwisted my hair and styled it into a top knot the next morning.

I left out some bangs in the front to help shape my face. Also, since my ponytail isn't that long, I had to pin it in place and free form a bun on my own. One day I will be able to put my hair back into a bun without pins again. Sooooo....this is my spiced up hair-do for a little while. Let's see what else I come up with. List am suggestions below. Happy Hair Day!

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(Updated) Satin Lined Cap Without Seams


So I've really been getting a kick out of sewing lately. If you've seen my instageam pics lately, they are pretty much sewing related by default. I'm still going to be blogging about my hair journey but I've been cooking up some sewing videos about hair lately. I had a vision of creating more hair friendly items for myself and for others as gifts. What better way than to share them with you as I go along because it is hair related.

Enough jibber, today I modified my satin lined cap. I love this cap so much and have given some away to my friends and family. This year will be a diy year for me and I'm going to give everything I make away. I had a dream of making some thumbs to give away at my local children's hospital for all the wonderful kids there to bring a smile to their faces. Not to mention it just feels good to help others without expecting anything in return.

Okay I'm jibbering again! As for today, I've gotten comments from my YouTube as well as some friends who have asked to modify this satin lined cap. The issue lies with the inside of the cap and how there are raw edges exposed that can possible snag on hair and defeats the purpose of using it as a protective hair item.

Sooo I jumped back into the sewing laboratory to fix it and I want to share with you what I have come up with. For starters, the outside seam can easily be covered up by wearing the seam toward the back and letting the slouchy portion of the hat fall over it. Quick fix!!!! However, to hide the inside frayed edges, I've created a video (attached below) on the steps to take to fix your satin lined cap (if you already made one) or you can start from scratch.

To start from scratch, you'll have to watch my last video titled "SATIN LINED CAP" and follow the instructions up until 6:05. Then you can proceed watching my new video linked below. If you are correcting your cap, you can begin with the new video.

Helpful links for surviving this tutorial:

Link to the free pattern for the satin lined hat.

Link to the YouTube video where I first created a satin lined cap.

Link to the YouTube video tutorial for the satin lined beanie (for people who don't own sewing machines)

I hope this helps. Enjoy!  Happy Monday!!!

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Anything Question Related


Is straight hair easier to maintain when you're busy with life? I have 2 babies (22 month and 5 month) and just went back to work and I was wearing wigs but I want something new and was considering using heat for a while. What do you think?  -Kenya

Hey Kenya! I like wearing my hair straight during busy times.  It's easier for me to work with straight hair than curly hair due to maintenance. It's not because of any particular healthy hair benefit. It's because when times get hectic I tend to neglect my hair big time. Simple and low maintenance is always the best for busy times. I prefer straight hair but maybe you can consider braided styles as well. With any hair style, maintenance should be considered. Health of hair and edges are also important. I use to wear wigs but they destroyed my edges overtime and I really neglected my real hair because it was always covered up.

I think that when we are busy we just want something easy, quick, and to keep our hair out of the way. Even though our hair health is important, it's the last thing on our minds most times. I work from 8-5, have night classes, and cook daily for my husband and I (unless we have left overs). This week I was curly, and I haven't twisted my hair once's in the same puff. Sometimes twisting my hair for 30 minutes seems like too much or I just don't feel like doing it. My curly hair will get matted/tangled when I neglect to twist and moisturize at night. If I remember, I tie a silk scarf around my puff or I usually pass out on my satin pillowcase (sometimes not). Which can lead to breakage. Not to mention, tangled hair results in a very interesting wash day. Interesting = long.

With my straight hair, I have a little more freedom. When it's straight, I can get away with skipping a night of maintenance (moisturizing/sealing/wrapping). I can apply some type of oil to my ends and throw it in a top bun at night in 2-3 minutes. It doesn't take half an hour to do anything with my straight hair. I can simply comb out the shed hairs most days, style (most likely a bun), and go! Lol! Wash days are typically more simple as far as tangles but the straightening process is exhausting. It can take hours to blow dry/straighten but you'll be free all week or for however long you choose to go straight. I usually go straight for two weeks. Further more, heat styling can be damaging overtime and should be limited instead of used as a primary styling often. I typically straighten during the winter months for a specific period of time like 2-3 months. In my opinion, if you are regularly deep conditioning, using heat protectors, and limiting straightening to once per week, then any normal to healthy hair should be able to withstand the heat. Thanks for sharing your question.

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Wash Day


Happy Friday Hair Friends! So I have gone back curly for a while. I did enjoy the straight hair while it lasted and I have been neglecting my natural strands. With my straight hair, I could easily throw it up in a bun or some other protective style. However, the downside is that my ends were so dry because I was only washing biweekly and my hair reverted little by little every day.Here is a shot of my dry hair the day that I decided to wash it. Check out what else I've been up to besides washing my

I co-washed my hair with Herbal Essences Naked Conditioner and exfoliated my scalp with my tangle teaser. After rinsing out the co-wash, I deep conditioned with Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque with Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil.  Then I deep conditioned under my Gold N Hot heat cap for an hour and my curls were POPPING OUT like daisies in springtime!!!!!

I rinsed out the conditioner with cool water and shook my hair to remove excess moisture. Then I let my hair drip dry for 15-20 minutes. I don't use any towels/shirts to dry my curly hair. 

Lastly, I used a new product to flat twist my hair. I used Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Butter Cream Leave In. Now if you know anything about this product then you know that it has silicones, and mineral oil in it. I know what you're's a bad product. However, it is the only "bad product" I use and if it doesn't cause dryness/buildup then I'll try it. Also, I clarify my hair about once every month and that should do the trick of removing buildup as well. I kind of used the lock method but not entirely. I put the leave in on my strands and sealed it with my 100% argan oil from Shea Moisture. I air dried my hair overnight and untwisted it the next morning. My curls were shiny and so defined. This surprised me because the leave does not provide "hold."This twist out is like the millionth one that I've done and if you're interested in how it looks in one of my previous here.

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Update! (January 24th - February 13th)


Hi Hair Friends,

Thank you all for still coming to my blog every Monday and Friday to check out my posts. As you may or may not know, my husband and I are settling in to our new place. I have been happily decorating like crazy. I've always had a dream home in mind and I feel like this house is becoming a dream home. One of the ladies here on blogger, Kenya, suggested that I include photos in my updates and here is a photo of our master bedroom and how it's shaping up. I love it. Our room never really had a theme color but I've been feeling a little "blue." *Laughs out loud!* I've been adding pieces since January and it's almost finished.

Something else new is that I've joined a sewing group to help sharpen my skills and interact with my threaded counterparts. It has really been fun and has allowed me to de-stress after work and fuel my creativity. Recently, due to spending too much time on Pinterest, I have organized my fabric and it now has a proper storage place. It's just a filing crate that I bought from Walmart. I used the hanging file folders as hangers for my fabric. I think it turned out pretty well.

As for hair, I have been wearing my hair straightened since my last hair post. However, Sunday, I washed, deep conditioned, and wore my hair curly. I styled my hair in a ... twist-out!!!! That is seriously my favorite style. I will always wear it. Here is a shot of my dry straightened hair before washing it.

I'll try to update my blog with these types of posts more often when I am too busy to post about my hair. New wash day post will be posted on Friday. Also, check out my last update here. To see my last blog post about hair, click here.

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Best Shampoo Ever?!?!


You all know what my stance is on shampoo. I use it to clarify with once per month and I use it when I want to straighten my natural hair. Otherwise, I do not use shampoo at all. However, I will opt to use a cleansing conditioner or conditioner wash (co-wash) for my strands. The truth is that I have nothing against shampoo. I just have failed to find a shampoo that delivers moisture without totally leaving my hair crispy and stripped over time.  My natural hair texture is fine, coarse, kinky, and a bit on the dry side. I need moisture more often than not and I cling to my staple products for dear life because I fear a hair catastrophe.

We all have different hair types whether it is straight, wavy, curly, or kinky! But our hair need depends on how fast oil travels down the hair shaft. For curly girls, our hair tends to be on the drier side due to the oils inability to travel freely/quickly down the shaft. On the contrary, straight hair tends to get more oily due to an abundance of oil traveling down the strand. With this in mind, I know my hair needs moisture or moisturizing agents (surfactants) included in my shampoo. Harsh cleansing agents like sodium laurel sulfate is cheap and shampoos that contain it are as well. It's been known to strip hair as well. Gentle cleansing agents does the same job as harsh agents would at no expense to your strands.
According to good sulfates include Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate Cocoamidopropyl Betaine Methyl Cocoyl Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Sodium Lauryl Glucose Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate Decyl Glucoside.
Other great shampoo additions include panthenol, hydrolyzed silk and/wheat protein, glycerin, green tea extract, aloe Vera extract, coconut oil, shea butter, agave leaf extract, sesame seed oil, and vitamin E.

I have recently felt the need to step out of my hair comfort zone and try new products. Yes, that means shampoo as well. I did a little research online at of the best shampoo to use for all hair types.  I was intrigued, so I combed through the article with a fine tooth comb and set out to try new shampoos. It was a very informative read and had me running online to purchase the one that stood out from the rest. The top three shampoos included: Davines Oi Shampoo for dry hair, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day for oily hair, and Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo. put these shampoos, for both dry and oily hair, to the test. They did not test shampoos that were for specific hair dilemmas like chemically treated hair, or hair with dandruff, or hair that like cleansing conditioners because let's face it. If your hair is any of the previous, it still falls in the dry or oily category.

Aveeno’s Pure Renewal was labeled the best drugstore brand less that $8 and the Living Proof Shampoo was labeled higher end (more than $20) but that shampoo is simply a cleansing shampoo.  The Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo is cost efficient (less that $10) but the Davines Oi Absolutely Beautifying Shampoo for dry hair was the clear winner. This shampoo was sulfate free and provides beneficial oils for dry hair.  If you interested in reading more about the other shampoos mentioned and reviewed, click here.

So, long story short, I took the hair test and tried the best shampoo pick for dry hair, Davines Ol Shampoo and  I compared it with my current Shampoo by Ogx (which is also sulfate free).

Here are the contenders:
Nominated Best Normal to Dry Shampoo: Davines Oi shampoo

My Current Shampoo: Ogx Moroccan Argan Creme Shampoo

Did it create a satisfying amount of suds?
There were not a lot of suds during the shampoo process with Davine's shampoo but my curls were defined. My Ogx shampoo is a smoothing shampoo and I noticed that my curls were limp and the shampoo lathered a lot. I'm not a huge lather lover, especially since I use a lot of product in my hair and rarely see a lot of suds (unless I shampoo more than once).

Was its smell overpowering?
I love the smell of both of these shampoos, however, I like that Davine's shampoo has a unisex/cologne fragrance. I wouldn't mind having hair that smells like either of these shampoos.

How easily did it foam up and rinse out?
I shampooed with each shampoo twice. I received a decent amount of foam for both and they both rinsed out easily. However, I noticed that Davine's shampoo left my curls super springy and healthy and shiny looking.

How did hair feel after it had finally dried?
My curls were very soft and defined when I rinsed out Davine's shampoo. Also, my hair felt soft with my Ogx shampoo. However, my curls were more defined and elongated on the side I used Davine's shampoo. Other than that, there was no real noticeable difference on the two sides as far as softness goes.

How did hair and scalp feel throughout the week?
I definitely noticed less itching on the side exposed to the Davines, which lets me know that it doesn't irritate my scalp.

The Davine's shampoo, compared to my current shampoo is nothing less than awesome. I love how hydrated my hair looked during the shampoo process. If you are looking for a new Shampoo, I suggest the Davine's Ol shampoo! I also recommend reading the post from It's packed with information and research that was not covered in this post. I can honestly say that I've found a new shampoo and am tempted to call it the best shampoo ever.
I was contacted to review the shampoo article from but all thoughts about the shampoo are my own.

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