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Hair of the Day (HOTD)

Happy Monday Hair Friends. Last week/weekend was really busy for me. I traveled back to my hometown with my husband and that always seems to through me off of my hair game. The last two days, over the weekend, I basically kept my hair in a puff style. Additionally, I skipped moisturizing and de-tangling my hair two night in a row.  But overall, it was a really awesome weekend.  If you noticed my last post, it is not full of pictures like it normally is (I actually pulled the one photo I have from another blog post on my blogger).  Not to mention, the photo below was taken with my iPhone (like I use to take all of my photos lol...thank God for upgrades) because I left my Canon at home which was 3 hours away.  Alright, enough of that!!!! Thank you everyone who has been patient with my late posts as well. Check out my last post here.

To achieve this style, I sectioned my 1 day old twist-out hair from ear to ear with my fingers.  Then, I separated the top half into 3 sections. The two sections on the sides of my head, at the top, I twisted with my fingers and pinned it toward the top of my head.  As far as the top middle section, I just separated the curls with my fingers and pinned it to one side. Next, I took the remaining hair and finger combed it into a high puff and secured it with an elastic. Then I pinned the the twisted hair down with bobby pins.

Stay tuned for my Wash Day post on Friday.

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Product Review: FHI Runway Flat Iron


Purchased at: JCPenney

Price: $315.56 (Sales Price) Original price is approximately $495

Description: *Directly from the FHI Website* (LINK)

For stylists who expect nothing less than perfection, the FHI Heat Runway styling iron is the only choice. If you want the absolute best results, if you want to make a statement on the stage, the catwalk and the red carpet, you want the Runway. With 6 layers of pure ceramic plates and a specialized heating system that provides instantaneous heat recovery and consistent temperature throughout the entire plate, FHI Heat’s signature styling iron will take your finished looks to the next level.
  • Six layers of hand-made, pure ceramic plates with our patented Integrated Ceramic Heating System (ICHS) which provides virtual instantaneous heat recovery
  • Color-coded temperature ranges for specific hair types and textures
  • Green Zone: Fine or Normal Hair – Blue Zone: Wavy, Curly or Permed Hair – Red Zone: Coarse, Thick Hair
  • Hand touch technology provides an energy efficient Sleep Mode reducing the temperature in half after 3 minutes of non-use
  • 1 Hour Auto Shut-off
  • Floating and beveled plates allows you to create multiple styles from straight smooth styles to glamorous waves and curls
  • Ergonomically designed with a professional  cord that includes a self-gripping closure and hang up hook for ease of storage
  • Ideal for all hair types – incredible results for coarse, highly textured hair

Hair Types:
Coarse, Thick Hair: Red Zone 410°F . 450°F (210°C – 232°C)

Wavy, Curly & Permed Hair . Blue Zone 356°F . 392°F (180°C – 200°C)

Fine or Normal Hair . Green Zone 266°F . 338°F (130°C – 170°C)

My Thoughts: 

Packaging - I love the packaging of the FHI Runway. Like all FHI flat irons, it comes in a study magnetic closed box. Inside the box is a carrying case with a heat mat attached to it as well as the flat iron. Now, if you follow me then you know that I had a few concerns about the packaging initially. Check out that post HERE. 

Design - The plates of this flat iron are 100% ceramic unlike other flat irons and their pure white in color. The rest of the flat iron is matte black.

Performance - This flat iron straightens my hair really well. Also, in the past, I had an issue with FHI flat irons not straightening my roots. However, this flat iron straightens all the way to the roots and my strands straighten well.  On the other hand, I don't notice a difference as far as number of passes through my strands. I passed the flat iron through my hair about 3-4 times per strand. Sometimes more depending on how rough my sections were...I know scary right? But, I had no heat damage after wash day! NONE!!!! Also, I had no lingering burned hair smell after wash day as well. Also, the texture of my hair is softer with this flat iron versus the old flat irons I've used and my hair stays straight until I wash it again. 

Things to Consider:
- Plates can break
- Plates may discolor overtime
- Gets Roots extremely straight 
- No burned hair smell
- Sleek design
- Expensive

Keep or Toss: Hiding it on a high shelf the very avoid dropping it and chipping the ceramic plates.

I will post more pictures by Sunday. I'm out of town and this is why the post was late. 

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Fall Hair Deals At Ulta


Fall is in the air!!!! No more frizzy summer curls. No more sweaty scalp. No more UV damage...unless you live in the south like I do. However, the weather has been pleasant and my curls are actually cooperating with me and staying in place nowadays. *shouts and runs* Yes indeed! Moving right I want to share with you Ulta's Gorgeous Hair Event Sale that is going on RIGHT NOW.

This is not a sponsored post but these deals were too good to pass up or not share with you. Every month or so I receive an Ulta Catalog in the mail. I naturally browse through it as I leave the mailbox in route to my home only to find out that this month they have a major sale going on! AND ITS ALL HAIR RELATED!!!!!! *excited face* Not to mention that majority of the purchases comes with a free gift of some sort (travel sized).

I'm really eyeballing this kit with sample sizes products in it. There is a jar of Shea moisture in there and I love Shea moisture. If you know anything about them then you know about the price tag of their items. So anything that is $8.99 with a jar of Shea Moisture in it practically is worth buying right?

Also, I'm eyeballing these headbands that go on sale soon too. I need some new ones to pretty up my twist outs. Not to mention I want the Alterna Kit that is only $12.99 October 16th.

There is something on sale EVERY DAY until October 22nd. I plan on dropping in and taking advantage of all these deals!!!!!! I hope you have an Ulta in your area. Oh and Retailmenot is always having coupons from Ulta. There is one on there right now for 20% off your purchase. *drools a little bit*

Here are a few flips of the catalog and I'll list all the awesome deals below as well if you want to check it out. Get there and get gorgeous!

Fall Deals until 22nd of October

1. Free 3 piece gift with any Pureology shampoo + conditioner purchase.
2. 2 for $25 all Redken shampoo and conditioner
3. 2 for $20 all Matrix Total Results shampoo and conditioner
4. 2 for $25 all Nioxin shampoo and conditioner
5. 2 for $30 all AG shampoo and conditioner
6. 2 for $20 all Joico shampoo and conditioner
7. 2 for $20 all TIGI shampoo and conditioner
8. 25% off styling and finishing products from Redken, Sebastian, Sexy Hair, Matrix, Rusk, Chi, AG, Paul Mitchell, and more.
9. AFree gift of Beyond Hydrated Shampoo and Conditioner with your purchase of any Honest Beauty product.
10. Free gift with any $20 Matrix purchase
11. Free gift with any $20 purchase of Alterna products
12. Free gift with any $20 Kenra Purchase
13. Free gift with any $20 Joico Purchase
14. Free gift with any $24 Living Proof Purchase
15. Free gift with any $30 Drybar purchase
16. Free gift with any $10 TIGI purchase.
17. Free gift with any $25 Ouidad purchase
18. Free gift with any John Masters Organics purchase
19. Free gift with any $30 Devacurl Purchase
20. 20% Select Brushes
21. Buy one and get one 50% off Hair stylers from Batiste, Organix, Tresemme, John Frieda, Not Your Mothers, and Maui Moisture
22. Haircare Sampler Kits $8.99
23. Free gift with any $34.99 Conair styling tool
24. Free gift with any GHD styling tool

One Day Only Events

1. October 2nd - Agave Healing Vapor 1 1/4 Iron $99 and 50% Kenra Products
2. October 3rd - Orlando Pita Play Body Breakthrough $17 and Sebastian Care and Treatment $8.99
3. October 4th - AG All Colour Savour 50% off (excludes liters)
4. October 5th - Wella Treatment and Leave-ins 40% off
5. October 6th - Rusk W8less and W8less plus hair spray $7.99 each
6. October 7th - Hot Tools Tourmaline Dryer White $42.99 and Matrix Total Results Shampoo or Conditioner $7.99 each
7. October 8th - Brocato Bibrastrait 1" Flat iron $89.95 and Redken curvaceous Hi or Low foam shampoo $9.99 each
8. October 9th - It's a 10 Leave In for blondes or Lite $5.99 and Organix shampoo or conditioner 2 for $10
9. October 9th - Shampoo + Haircut, pink hair extension, or Microzone Express Facial for $10 in support of breast cancer research 
10. October 10th - Unwash brand 50% off and Joici K-pak reconstructor $9.99
11. October 11th - Nioxin styling products $8.99 ea
12. October 12th - all headbands and head wraps 50% off and TIGI Masterpiece Hairspray $6.99 ea
13. October 13th - Macadamia Professional $18
14. October 14th - Bead Head Mind a Blower Hair Dryer 50% off and Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner $8.99
15. October 15th - Instyler Blu Turbo Ionic Dryer $59.99 and Matrix Styling and Dry Shampoos $7.99 each
16. October 16th - Alterna Caviar Moisture Try Me Kit $12.99 and Living Proof Timeless Shampoo or Conditioner $6 ea
17. October 17th - Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets 60 ct $24.99 and Sexy Hair Stylers $8.99
18. October 18th - 50% all Color Wow Shampoos, Conditioners, and stylers
19. October 19th - 50% off Not Your Mothers Way to Grow Shampoo or conditioner and 50% Mizani 25 Miracle Milk
20. October 20th - Wella Styling Products $8.99
21. October 21st - Blow Pro Straightening Iron, Wave Maker Wand or Dryer $50 and other Blow Pro stylers 50% off
22. October 22nd - Elchim 3900 Rose Gold Titanium Ionic Dryer 50% off and AG hair liters $15.99-$21.99 ea

Are you planning a mini shopping spree at Ulta?

Check out my last Wash Day Here! 

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Wash Day - Return of the Curls


I was so happy to see my curls this week! They were soft, springy, and I had no heat damage at all! It was a very pleasant hair vacation having straight hair for a while but I missed my free-form curls. Not to mention that my scalp has been itching like crazy. Dry scalp is not fun at all! As a recap, I have been wearing tons or buns since my last wash day. I have literally not styled my straight hair in about a week. However, I've been quite pleased with the fact that I've faithfully wrapped my hair every night (except last night) and have applied coconut oil to my ends every day.

For starters, I took down my bun and detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb. To detangle, I parted my hair in four sections. Then, I started combing my hair from my ends and worked my way up to my roots.

Next, I rinsed my hair under the shower nozzle with warm water until my hair was well saturated. Immediately, my hair started reverting back curly and I applied Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner to my scalp. Then, I took my tangle teezer and gently massaged my scalp to remove buildup! After massaging my entire scalp, I rinsed away the cleansing conditioner and applied my deep conditioner by Shea Moisture called Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque (REVIEW). I put my hair in a high ponytail and covered with a plastic bag to deep condition for 30 minutes under my Gold N Hot Conditioning Cap (REVIEW). After deep conditioning my hair, I used my Scalp Invigorator to massage my scalp (for a second time) to stimulate and promote hair growth. To see my full wash/condition routine click here.

After massaging, I rinsed my hair with warm water. I've stopped rinsing my hair with cold water because it tangles my hair. Plus, I want to keep my cuticles open to soak up the moisturizer and coconut oil I apply as styling products. After rinsing my hair I shook my hair to get rid of excess moisture. I don't use a towel/t-shirt to dry my curly hair. Next, I allowed my hair to air dry for 30 minutes to make styling easier.

To style I parted a section of hair to leave out for a special style I want to try that I got off of Pinterest. Next, I flat twisted the rest of my hair straight down and used Shea Moisture Kids Curling Buttercream (REVIEW) + Coconut Oil to twist with.

I air dried my hair overnight and slept on a satin pillow case. This morning I unraveled the twists and flat twisted the top portion of hair that I left out. Here is the finished product. My part is showing a little in the back but I fixed it later. I had a little frizz due to the fact that first-day hair can be a little difficult for me to make PERFECT!!!! I'm loving this style regardless. Side note: I did not experience any heat damage or smelly burnt hair smell lingering from flat ironing this last past month.

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What I have been up to this week:
  1. I did the Bean Boozled Challenge with my Husband. Check it out here.
  2. Created a wreath for my front door.
  3. Made a Monogram Apron for my best friend's birthday (it is folded but super cute) along with other goodies.

Hair Update + Bean Boozled Challenge!


My hair is still I won't have a Wash Day Post until Friday. Yayyyy! To keep you updated, I just got a new job that I haven't started yet. I feel like they are going to call me any day now and say come in and I have been hesitant to wash my hair.  Truth be told, that fear stems from me feeling like I will be doing some type of twist out overnight and I get a call. LOL.  I have literally been rocking a bun for the past week. However, I have kept my hair wrapped and moisturized.

On a side note, I do have a post today that is not hair related.  Let's loosen those curls and have a little fun. My husband and I recorded the Bean Boozled challenge yesterday and it was hilarious y'all.  See for yourself and no more hair shenanigans after today. Your regular scheduled hair posts will begin promptly on Friday. Also, comment on this post what new things you're interested in seeing. Enjoy the video and your Monday too.

Check out my last post here.

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9 Things You Can Do Today To Promote Length Retention (Grow Your Hair)


Happy Friday everyone. Another week has come and gone. Today my hair is still straight from my washday Monday. Check it out HERE. Normally, I only wash every 2 weeks when straight, but I might just wash it this weekend and upload a curly hair wash day Monday. Laughs! I'm not entirely sure but I miss my curls and straight hair is getting boring. However, it is easier to manage every day. As you can tell, I don't know what I want to do. Today I have a simple post on the basics of hair care. Most of us reading are already on a journey and know the basics, some of us need a reminder, and the rest of us are clueless. Here is a list of nine things that you can do today to promote length retention whether you're relaxed or natural.

1. Nutrients

The number 1 thing our hair and body needs is nutrients to help it function. Our hair grows all by itself but what we put in our body is just as important as the tools/products we use on a daily basis. Water intake, vitamins, exercise, and a healthy balanced diet are all a part of the equation for healthy hair. Photo example: One A Day Vitacraves from Walmart

2. End Protector

Protecting our ends is important as well. It is the oldest and dryest part of the hair. One way to protect our ends after moisturizing is by sealing with an oil or serum. This helps lock moisture in our hair and give our ends a helping hand at staying attached too. Not to mention, protecting our ends help them stay strong by preventing split ends and withstanding heat. Photo example: Redken Extreme Anti-Snap from Ulta.

3. Heat Protectant

Speaking of withstanding heat, we need to use a heat protectant every time we use heat in our hair.  For the same reason, we should protect our ends, we should also protect the entire strand from further damage as well. When we use heat on curly hair, a heat protectant helps prevent our precious curls from losing its shapeliness. Photo Example: Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray from Ulta

4. Stimulator

Scalp stimulation is also one of the key things our hair needs to thrive. Scalp massages help stimulate hair follicles and promote growth. Typically I massage my scalp every wash day with either my tangle teezer from Sally's or this scalp invigorator (pictured) to massage for about a minute. Sometimes I even use both. Not only is it therapeutic, but it helps promote hair growth. Photo example: Scalp Invigorator from Vanity Planet.

5. Protective Hair Ties

Another hair friendly tip is to tie hair back with an elastic that has no metal parts or is damaged in any kind of way. You know those wonky elastics that are broke in so much to the point that it looks like that elastic is playing skip to my loo. Yes those...toss them. They are causing more damage and taking pieces of our precious strands with them. A nice satin hair tie in black or maybe ditching the elastics all together and opting for a pinned look would be a better option.  Not to mention that too tight elastics can cause unnecessary tension on our edges and make them disappear. It happened to me. Check out my recovery post HERE. Photo example: Handmade Satin Scrunchie made by me.

6. Deep Conditioning

Aside from keeping our scalp clean, deep conditioning is one of the best things we can do for our hair. This weekly treatment restores moisture, revitalizes curls, improves elasticity and manageability, promotes shine, decreases frizz, natural heat protectant, and the list goes on. The most important tip to remember with deep conditioning is that consistency is key. The more regularly you do it, the more results you will see. Photo example: Miracle 7 Deep Conditioner from Sally's.

7. Moisturizer

Deep conditioners little cousin the moisturizer should be our best friend. Its does the job when deep conditioning is one week away. Moisturizing replaces any lost moisture that our strands are missing and preserves our hair. It can also an end protector as well.  Moisture simply means WATER and that's what needs to being infused due to climate, elements, and environment.  Check out my post that discusses the importance of moisture HERE. Photo example: Shea Moisture Kids Curling Buttercream from Walmart/Walgreens.

8. Silk/Satin Scarf/Bonnet

Next up is the sleep aid. Silk/Satin bonnets, pillowcases, and scarves all protect our hair while we sleep at night. As we sleep, we toss and turn and those cotton sheets absorb the moisture from our hair.  Ever wake up and see that jerry curl looking pillow case? Well, that happens because cotton is super absorbent. Not to mention, our hair can snag on cotton. Ever wear your hair down and it constantly snags on your cotton t-shirt? Yes, that is the power of cotton. But, fear not because you have no worries if you protect your hair at night. Loosely wrapped satin/silk if possible or else you'll cause another problem...missing edges.  Robbing our precious edges of moisture and circulation can cause balding. Photo example: Silk Scarf from TJMaxx.

9. Trim/Dust

Last but certainly not least is Mr. Trim.  When all else fails and the war against peace and split ends are at a breaking point, consider dusting or trimming your hair.  Typically, an inch will suffice. However, in some cases, more is needed. Consider visiting a hair professional that you trust if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.  Ends expose more ends so it is important to apply all the tips discussed here to help preserve them.  Damaged ends that go uncut will never be repaired only temporarily mended. Photo example: Hair Shears from Walmart.

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Hair of the Day (HOTD)


Happy Monday All! Today I'm sharing my hair or the day (HOTD). I decided to go to a salon to get my ends trimmed and it was a much-needed trim. Here is the before photo from my last wash day when I straightened my hair. Also, check out my last wash day HERE.

Here is what my hair looked like after the trim. I mean the difference is amazing and I was able to comb through it without the comb getting stuck at the ends. Plus. it just looks a whole lot better.

Moving on to the hair of the day, I decided to pop some curls in my hair for church on Sunday and I was so happy with the results. As a heat protectant, I added a dime sized amount of One N Only Argan Oil serum, that I purchased from Sally's.  I also added about a quarter sized amount of coconut oil to my ends as well.  

Next, I curled my hair on 330 degrees Fahrenheit with a 1-inch curling iron from Hot Tools, that I received as a Christmas gift from Ulta a few years ago. I took chunky sections of hair and curled then for a few seconds. Then, I took a satin covered roller (I purchased mine from Walmart) and rolled the hair down to the scalp and snapped the roller in place. These rollers are the traditional foam roller with satin covering them.  The satin helps prevent frizz and protect the hair strands from rubbing against the foam roller and becoming snagged.

 I slept with my hair covered in a silk scarf and I fluffed it out the next morning. To fluff, I covered my palms with a little bit of coconut oil and separated the curls by hand. Later, I used a wide tooth comb to help give my desired look. Voila, I was Sunday ready.

Here is a photo of my husband and I looking our Sunday Best. LOL...enjoy your week everybody!

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