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Saturday Sewing


Spent some time in the sewing room today making this for a dear friend who is the epitome of joy and love. So I decided to pop in and show my hair friends what I am doing right now. I’m am totally relaxing right now. Here is a close up of the finished tproduct. It is the state of Mississippi with my friends initials in the middle.

If you would like one of these made with you state and initials. Let me know and I will send you an invoice! Happy Saturday peeps.

Giveaway Winners


Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. The winner was chosen randomly via Rafflecopter. Here are the winners. If one of the winners does not claim their prize, within 24 hours, another winner will be selected. Thank you for all of your support.♥️

DIY Natural Hair Tool Storage and Organizer


Have you ever traveled on a holiday vacation with your family/friends and you are the ONLY PERSON with your hair products in a ziplock bag or worse a tackle box (*raises hand*). This time of year is often when the tackle box makes an appearance or ziplock bag if I have a flight. However, I wanted to change my storage option and also have it double as a travel bag. Here is a tutorial for my natural hair tool storage.

There is no free printable template for this tutorial but I will include a few instructions/tips below.
  1. Iron all of your fabric before you begin sewing. I didn't do this beforehand and it would have saved me an extra step.
  2. You can use sew-in (non-fusible) interfacing instead of the fusible interfacing and the end product will be the same.
  3. Now that I have made the product, I would move the ribbon down a little more (as shown here). I would do this because once I fold the top half down, the ribbon is a little too high to tie properly.
Please let me know how I can make this tutorial better and I will include it in my instructions/tips section above.


I am so excited to be finally hosting another giveaway. I know I promised this during the Christmas holiday but I am finally making it happen. It begins today, January 21st and will end on March 8th.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment under the blog post of the item you want. Then come back to this post and down below in the text box, log in and click the option that says that you did it.

There will be 5 winners. Thank you for all of your support on my blog and all of my other social media.

DIY Satin Lined Hair Wrap


I have seen so many girls rocking these cute turbans or head wraps. I love them so much that I wanted to create one that was hair friendly or satin lined. It is super easy to make and it doesn't cost that much to make. I only used a yard of fabric of printed cotton fabric and a yard of satin fabric.

I simply cut teach yard in half vertically, and pieced the two pieces together to have one long piece. The dimensions of this wrap is approximately 18 x 88 inches. It sounds more complicated than it actually it.

If you don't mind spending the extra dollar or two for two yards of fabric, I suggest buying 2 yards of the printed cotton fabric and 2 yards of the satin fabric. Then you can simply cut both pieces into 22 x 72 in pieces and sew them together (no piecing involved).

This head wrap has a multicolor Aztec print on the outside and black satin on the inside. However, you can mix up the colors in whatever way you like. You can use any color cotton fabric on the outside but if you have dark colored hair, like I do, you may want to stick to black satin fabric. You can make these for Christmas for your friends and family. I would match any wardrobe if you stick to solid colors and it is so inexpensive to make.

Here is what I spent on fabric and satin:
1 Yard of Printed Cotton Fabric - $4.99 Local Small Shop Fabric Store
1 Yard of Satin Fabric - $1.99 or $2.99 Walmart

I can't get enough of a good DIY because I am naturally frugal. I want the best bang for my bucks and not only is this wrap cost efficient, but it's cute, protects your hair, and very versatile.

The total price of this was around $7 or $8 and you could save even more if you have spare fabric laying around the house. You can also print the instructions for this project HERE.

If you are interested in making this wrap, here is a tutorial that I created for the satin lined head wrap.

Wash Day | Protective Style Edition


Hello hair friends! Long time no see from me of course. I hope you’re well! My family and I are well. To see what I’m up to sometimes please feel free to follow my Instagram page: anythinghairrelated

On another note, I’m am about 4 months postpartum and I am experiencing the dreadful fistfuls of hair that are coming out of my hair. At first I wanted to keep straightening my hair in order to manage the shed hairs better. However, my hair is suffering from dryness so I’ve decided to try more moisture treatments as well as protective styles. Here is what my hair looked like before I washed it. It’s pretty straight but the humidity has it all puffy and dry.

To shampoo this week, I used my Pantene cleansing Conditioner and combined it with my Avalon Organics Scalp Treatment with Tea Tree to wash my hair. To loosen any buildup on my scalp, I exfoliated my scalp gently with my tangle tweezer. Next, I deep conditioned with my Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Masque with Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil. Here is a picture of my hair in a high pony full of conditioner.

To penetrate my deep conditioner, I used my handmade deep conditioning cap with rice pouches. If you want to see a tutorial of this cap CLICK HERE. I deep conditioned for 30 mins, rinsed, and applied a little coconut oil to the ends of my hair.

Next, I choose to style my hair in a series of flat twists pulled into a bun. I wanted neat parts because I want to wear this style all week so I parted my hair with the rat tail part of a comb. Then I finger detangled each section with a little water and coconut oil and used my Shea Moisture Kids Curling Buttercream to twist each section. Once done I pulled the twist back into a ponytail bun.

What do you think? This should help minimize manipulation and tangles due to shedding. Also, I can unravel the twists and rock a twist out at the end of the week before washing again.

How did you style your hair during postpartum shedding?

I also posted an Instagram picture of my twists unraveled! Good day hair friends!

Positive Post

I use to draw when I was in high school and it was really therapeutic. I use to doodle and write around my doodles. It was really nice and it ended up looking like one of those adult coloring book pages at times. However, in today's society they call this type of drawing "Lettering and Sketch Noting."

I just wanted to share with you something that I composed recently and it is hair related of course. However, it has a deeper meaning. In summation, beauty comes by just being yourself naturally and brushing away anything that tries to change that about you.

Hopefully it inspires someone to be great!