I Flat Ironed My Natural Hair!


   I finally did it! I flat ironed my natural hair! I haven't had my hair flat ironed in 2 years. Yes, in 2 YEARS! (In my 2 Chains voice!) I am in love with the results. I had 3 inches cut off the bottom and 1 inch cut off the top. (Layered effect) Here is the process. 

 Here is the process:
1) My hair was washed, conditioned, blow dried, and cut at Supercuts in my hometown.
2) The products used were from the It's a 10 product line!
(Moisture shampoo, hair mask, smoothing balm, & leave in)
3) The stylist blow dried my hair straight with the smoothing balm!
4) The price was around $45 which wasn't bad.
5) Once I got home, I flat ironed my hair with my mom's flat iron. A KQC Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts.
6) I applied One N Only Argon oil serum to flat iron.


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