Technique: My Pre Poo Treatment


- Cococut Oil
- Olive Oil
- Honey
- Conditioner

I mix my concoction in a small container until smooth. I apply my pre poo with my hands as if I was getting a relaxer by smoothing the mixture onto my hair in a downward motion from root to tip. I put this mixture on dry hair and my curls revert in a matter of minutes. I cover my hair with a plastic cap for about 2-3 hours without heat then rinse. (15-20 minutes if I do use heat but the results are the same)

This process is very moisturizing. My hair is immediately softened after I apply this mixture. Also, it helps prevent shampoo from completely stripping the hair. This mixture infuses moisture and I notice a positive difference in my hair texture, flat iron results, and overall softness.

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