All About Hair: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Twist Out

  1. I've been natural for 2 years and a month.
  2. My hair type is 4B-4C.
  3. My strands are tightly coiled, kinky, thin, and shrinks up.
  4. My last self relaxer was September 25th, 2011, which is also my Granny's birthday.
  5. This is my second time going natural. I tried before in 2009 but I self relaxed after 5 months.
  6. I transitioned long term for one year and big chopped a few days before Thanksgiving in 2012.
  7. During my transition, my go to styles were sew-ins, buns, and Bantu knot outs.
  8. To hide the texture of my new growth, I would straighten it. (
  9. My favorite natural hairstyle is my puff. Check it out HERE.
  10. I've NEVER succeeded at doing a proper twist out. The closest I've come to a good one only lasted a day but I was proud of it and took pictures.
  11. There was a lot of TRIAL & ERROR.
  12. I basically had to learn how to care for my hair all over again once I decided to go natural.
  13. I've been straightening my hair for YEARS, but I just recently got better at it thanks to a lady who straightened and cut my hair at Supercuts. She wrote down everything she did and I've followed that advice since. 
  14. I wash and straighten my hair every 2 weeks and that has worked for me.
  15. I plan to wear my natural hair texture more often but I'm not sure of a date yet.
  16. One of my protective styles in the past was a wig but soon enough that proved to be a bad idea. (Thinning around my neck hairline, hot under the wig, dry hair, etc.)
  17. I don't take any vitamins for hair growth.
  18. I still haven't found a lightweight moisturizer that won't revert my straightened hair, or one that is moisturizing enough for my natural hair. 
  19. My hair has a few split ends right now but I may hold on to them until the New Year. Lol
  20. I'm still learning, experimenting with , and recording the progress of my hair.

4 comments on "All About Hair: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Twist Out"
  1. I haven't mastered the twistout yet so I've been wearing a puff since I big chopped. A hair journey is definitely about trial and error. Hopefully it doesn't take me forever to figure out this hair of mine.

    1. Lol the same here. I really want to learn how to do a twist-out.

  2. Hi Shelia, I love your hair... Thumbs up. Is twist out hair style strictly for natural hair because my hair is relaxed/texlaxed and I'll love to give it a try... So do u think its a good idea? :]Y

    1. Thank you Teenah! I think its a great idea to try the twist out. I've seen a lot of relaxed ladies wear it. Some ladies twist their hair with a product that has "hold," then roll the ends with flexirods so the ends will curl. I say go for it and thanks for commenting.