DIY: Snag-Free Comb Attachment

I stepped on the comb attachment that came with my Conair Pro Yellow Bird Blow Dryer and snapped a few teeth. This blow dryer is my one true love as far as hair appliances and was worth every penny. We have been together for about 2 years and it has worked like a perfect dream until stepping on the comb attachment caused this nightmare.

My first thought was to continue using it as is because most of the teeth were still in tact. But considering how the sharp edges of the shattered teeth could break my hair, I decided against it.

Here were my alternatives:

New Conair Pro Yellow Bird Dryer......$35 Too Expensive

New Conair Pro Dryer Universal Attachment from Sally's......$6 Too Flimsy

DIY on my current Conair Attachment......$0.00 Too Cool

I decided to repair the damage on my own and it was an easy do it yourself project.

All you need is a:
- Nail File
- 4 Way Nail Buffer Block

1) File down the sharp edges with the nail file (This may take a few minutes)
2) Use the buffer block to smooth down and rough spots
3) Done! :)

Still works perfectly!

(This may even be useful with combs what have sharp edges, seams, or corners.)

What do you all think?

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