Updated Wash Day

A few things have changed in my wash day but not a whole lot. I still shampoo with the Moroccan Argan Creme Shampoo from Organix, as well as deep condition with It's a 10 miracle hair mask. Next I follow up with I'ts a 10 miracle leave in conditioner (the bomb.com), and It's a 10 silk smoothing balm for straightening. Currently, I still straighten my hair about every 2-3 weeks but it's subject to change.

As for the Pre-Poo, I now use VO5 Strawberries and Cream Moisture conditioner instead of the Giovanni's Deeper Moisture Conditioner.

I love the Giovanni, but I ran out of it. Giovanni has great slip and the price is around $8 a bottle. I find that VO5 provides just as much slip and it's only $1 a bottle so I can afford to use a much as I want.

Seen toward the back of the picture, in front of the VO5, are two small bottles. One is an applicator bottle which has coconut oil in it and the other bottle with the pink pump top has olive oil in it. (Lol I have to refill it.)

Also, I still use honey and that awesome paprika mask I purchased off of Amazon for scalp stimulation. Check out my review HERE.

I combine all of these products inside of the empty Aussie Bottle pictured in the photo. I find that it less messy and easier to apply with the pump top. As for the measurements, I just eye ball the right amount. I use more conditioner than anything and only about a teaspoon of honey. (Its sticky)

The other change I've made, which is a fairly new one, is the tea rinse. I recently posted about it so I won't ramble on. The link is HERE. Bottom line is that it's lovely, I like it so far, and I haven't had any itchy scalp since I started it.

My current combination is chamomile tea with sprigs of rosemary. I want to try out black tea as well. Also, a reader suggested to add green tea and aloe vera juice, so I am really looking forward to that.

Other than this, everything is pretty much the same. Check out my last wash day post HERE.

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