Technique: The Art of Sectioning

Something that has saved my hair life is my best friend named SECTIONING! Sectioning has saved me from a lot of breakage and keeps my hair from tangling on wash day.

I only uses sectioning after I rinse out my deep conditioner and apply leave in conditioner.

The technique I use to section my hair off is with shower caps. 

  1. First I part my hair from ear to ear, in the middle, and place a shower cap on the back half.
  2. Next, I part my hair down the middle, in the front, and place a shower cap on one side. (Left or Right I don't use the same side every time.)
  3. Then I comb out each section and style the sections as I go. For example, for flat ironing, I comb out and blow dry each section.
Most importantly, the shower caps keep the different sections moist and supple for comb-out. This technique saves a lot of time too.

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