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Flex Rod Set (Dry Hair)

Finally I have styled my hair for a change. I've been wearing my afro puff for a few weeks and that was fun but I started missing the ease of having straight hair. So I washed, and flat ironed my hair on Wednesday of last week (3/19/14).

Due to humid weather and the fact that my hair was sort of stiff (due to protein), I decided to curl my hair with my Hot Tools Ceramic Curling Iron.  Its a 1 inch curling iron with variable heat settings. I really like it and its my second time using it.

1st: I protected my hair with a little coconut oil on my ends.

2nd: I curled my hair in sections and rolled each individual section on flex rods.

3rd: I slept in the flex rods overnight.

4th: I simply unrolled my hair in the morning and separated the curls with coconut oil on my fingers. 

(I maintain the curls by re-rolling my hair on flex rods at night)

Throw Back Thursday: Relaxed Hair

Yep this is what my relaxed hair looked like in 2009.  This is around the time where experimenting with anything hair related started to take its toll and the idea of going natural really set in. This wasn't long ago but my hair has changed a lot since then.