Flex Rod Set (Dry Hair)

Finally I have styled my hair for a change. I've been wearing my afro puff for a few weeks and that was fun but I started missing the ease of having straight hair. So I washed, and flat ironed my hair on Wednesday of last week (3/19/14).

Due to humid weather and the fact that my hair was sort of stiff (due to protein), I decided to curl my hair with my Hot Tools Ceramic Curling Iron.  Its a 1 inch curling iron with variable heat settings. I really like it and its my second time using it.

1st: I protected my hair with a little coconut oil on my ends.

2nd: I curled my hair in sections and rolled each individual section on flex rods.

3rd: I slept in the flex rods overnight.

4th: I simply unrolled my hair in the morning and separated the curls with coconut oil on my fingers. 

(I maintain the curls by re-rolling my hair on flex rods at night)

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