3 Day Old Hair (Twist Out)

This style is really long lasting. I did not expect to see twist-out definition with 3 day old hair. The curls are surviving simply because I sleep on the side with the flat twists. I love this style simply because it gets a little bigger everyday. However, with time comes change.

Wednesday, I am going to re-twist again just to see if I can make tighter curls. I will post a tutorial on the steps I take. (just in case anyone is interested)

Also, if you want to see how this style looked on the first day, simply click HERE.

By the way, from (April 1st - October 1st) is my protective styling months. I don't normally straighten my hair during this time anyway because the humidity in the south won't allow such things. LOL. Call it a hair vacation if you will.

What's your favorite hair vacation?
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