My Grooming Tools & Their Jobs


1. Tool Structure Jumbo Rake Comb - I purchased this comb at Sally's a while ago and its my most used grooming tool. I use this comb for de-tangling and everyday combing needs. It's the ruler of the whole bunch.

2. Tool Structure 3 Row Styling Comb - This is my flat ironing comb, that I use to do the chasing method with, that I also purchased at Sally's.  I only use this comb on my blow dried hair and chase it with my flat iron. It has 3 rows of teeth that help separate my strands and gives me sleek flat iron results. I don't comb my hair with this comb ever lol.

3. Tool Structure Bone Rattail Comb - I only use the pointed side of this comb for parting and sectioning my hair. The teeth are too small for my hair type. However, it is heat resistant and can be used when heat styling. (Purchased at Sally's)

4. Tangle Teezer Detangle Brush - When I first purchased this from Sally's, I tried to use it as a detangling brush. didn't work for me because of my hair texture and I ended up breaking some strands. It is a great detangler but for me it only works in small sections on wet hair. Currently, I only use the tangle teezer to smooth my hair into a ponytail. I think its less damaging than using the bristle brush.

5. Goody Wide Tooth Comb - I have had this comb since I was a little girl and I haven't seen one like it in stores since but I think there are similar ones in stores. I use this comb only on my straightened hair to comb, wrap, and detangle my hair.

6. Urban Essence Boar Bristle Brush - This is a bristle brush that I bought at the dollar store about a year ago. I'm pretty sure it's not made of 100% boar bristles but there are a few in there so they can name it that lol. It gets used very seldom. I only use it on my edges from time to time, or I'll use a tooth brush which I didn't include in the photo. (A new cheap toothbrush that I keep with my hair tools...not the tooth brush I use on my teeth lol) Tooth brushes work great on my edges.

7. 9 Row Denman Brush - I don't use this on my hair at all. "Nunca Jamás." Lol I tried removing some of the rows of teeth but it's still too hair doesn't like it much. I only use it to detangle braiding hair or synthetic hair. I haven't worn any type of synthetic hair in about a year so this brush rarely gets a workout. (Unless I'm styling someone else's hair with synthetic hair) It's one of those tools that was apart of my "trial and error" days of transitioning but we have limited contact now. Lol

That's it. Those are all the tools I use to style and groom my hair with. What type of tools do you use? Please share them or let me if you use any of the tools I listed.

2 comments on "My Grooming Tools & Their Jobs"
  1. Nunca Jamás! LOL @ your Denman Brush. I only have one comb and I almost never use it anymore: my Magic Start Jumbo Rake. Although it's amazeballs---I realized that it's just too easy for me to rip through tangles and knots when I use a tool vs when I only use my fingers. I've been exclusively finger combing for a least 6 months and I can honestly say that I do not miss my combs!

    Thanks for sharing!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. LOL at my spanish. And yes my fingers are the best combs I'll ever have...I am slowly but surely veering away from my tools.