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 Average growth since last length check:
05/09/2014 - 07/29/2014

Check out my last length check HERE
Last Length Check: May 9th, 2014                    
Current Length
Last Trim: May 3rd, 2014

Front - 12 inches
Side - 10 inches
Back - 10.5 inches
Middle - 11 inches
Overall Length: (A little past) Shoulder Length (SL)

This length check was done a few weeks ago when I straightened my hair. I'm happy with my progress so far because I experienced a set back in May. I am itching to get a trim but I think I'll wait for October. Also, I recently purchased a LENGTH CHECK shirt from Just Grow Already. There was a free shipping sale, last week, for orders on tank shirts. I took advantage of it because it was on my wishlist. Now I can do "numbered" length checks. I going to keep doing the length checks with my measuring tape also, because it lets me know where my problem areas (places with breakage or slow growth) are. 

Wash Day

It's feels like forever since I washed my hair. It's only been a couple of weeks but it's that time again. Time to say bye bye to the straight hair. (I wash my hair every 2 weeks when I wear it straight)
This week's wash day was very simple. I coated my strands and scalp with olive oil. Detangling was a breeze since my hair was already straight and easy to coat threw. The oil helped add slip as well.

Then I washed my hair with the As I Am Coconut Co-wash. I only used a couple handfuls of this Cowash to evenly distribute on my scalp and throughout my hair. Afterwards, I deep conditioned with Naturelle Grow Marshmallow Root Slippery Elm Bark & Natural Cinnamon Conditioner.

Instead of rinsing the conditioner out in 15 mins the way I normally would, I covered my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for a few hours. (Sat under the dryer for 10 mins as well)

The reason why is because I like to infuse as much moisture in my hair after it has been straightened for a while. Also, I skipped my pre poo and wanted to deep condition longer.

Lastly, I rinsed the conditioner out, shirt dried my hair, and added leave ins.

As for my style, I did a flex rod set and slept with the rods throughout my hair over night.  Correction: I tried to sleep in them all night but that didn't work out. I enjoyed what sleep I did get lol.

Today was a good wash day. :)
The Wash Day Experience

Hair of the Day


It's A 10 Miracle Leave In (Dupe)?

Unfortunately I ran out of my famous It's A 10 Miracle Leave In but I was fortunate enough to run across its twin in Sally's a while ago.  It's called Miracle 7 Leave in Mist. Lets do a comparison shall we?

My Thoughts:
I like both of these products and I can't really tell them apart. They both have the same spray top and consistency. They both do a good job with the 10 or 7 things that they promise to do for your hair. They both have the exact same ingredients with exception to a few.

As far as ingredients,  Miracle 7 is lacking in Eugenol (Perservative), Courmarin (Fragrance Enhancing Chemical), Cinnamal (Fragrance Enhancing Chemical), and Linalool (Fragrance) compared to It's A 10. Now I know why It's A 10 smells so good.

It's a 10 is lacking in Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Euterpe Oleracea Pulp Oil (Pulp of Acai Fruit), and Citric Acid (Perservative) conpared to Miracle 7.

So technically....Miracle 7 could claim to do 10 things the same as It's A 10 because it is only lacking in fragrance (it has citric acid as a preservative). It could also claim to have natural ingredients like Acai Fruit Extract.

They both smell pleasant. However, the It's A 10 lingers in my hair for a couple of days. That may have something to do with how much fragrance is in it. I do not really notice any lingering smell with the Miracle 7 but that is not a deal breaker for me. 

Another plus for Miracle 7 is that it's slightly cheaper and contains more product than the It's A 10. However, if you are not near a Sally's, this product could be hard in your area. However, you can purchase it online.

I don't think you can go wrong with either one of these products.  It's A 10 is more popular but Miracle 7 does the same thing for less.  One thing that I love about them both is the softness and shine I get after application. I'm glad I know the difference between them now which isn't much. 

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Wash Day

(i) coconut milk (ii) olive oil (iii) honey
I tried a different pre poo with coconut milk, honey and olive oil. After mixing the items together I poured it into an applicator bottle for easy distribution. The coconut milk did make my hair soft and this concoction smelled so good. (Almost good enough to eat...sort of) I liked it overall but it doesn't top my normal pre poo as far as detangling. I probably won't be incorporating this pre poo too often but it was a nice change from the mundane. Also, its best to use this mixture is when its cold because its more creamy instead of liquid and easy to apply without being runny.

This week I decided to straighten my hair and cheat on my six months curly diet. What else is new? LOL. Since I like to have weightless hair, I opted to shampoo my hair instead of co-washing it. I shampooed with Organix Moroccan Oil Creme Shampoo. After shampooing, I conditioned with my It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask for a few minutes under a plastic cap.  I rinsed the conditioner out and dried my hair with a t shirt.

Next, I used my powerful straightening duo: Miracle 7 Leave In Mist, and It's A 10 Smoothing Balm. Normally I use It's A 10 Miracle Leave In but i'm all out.  Surprisingly enough, Miracle 7 works just as well as its identical substitute.

I blow dried my hair with my Yellow Bird by Conair. It is hands down the best blow dryer I have ever used and it has a comb attachment that I use as well. I bought it from Sally's a long time ago but I'm pretty sure they still sell it.

Lastly I flat ironed my hair with my KQC Flat Iron that I purchased from Flat Iron Experts. I've had it for a few years also and its works really well. I normally set the temperature between 350-370 and I get pretty sleek results on my natural hair. Although, with that being said, humidity isn't kind this summer so I wouldn't suggest anything higher than that temperature (Puffiness after a few hours or days is inevitable).

I sealed my ends with a little olive oil and that was it. I really am looking forward to wearing my hair straight for a while. It was a much needed change. I did notice a few split ends but they weren't extreme. Maybe I will not get a trim this time. Maybeeeeeee. Lol
The Wash Day Experience