Wash Day

It's feels like forever since I washed my hair. It's only been a couple of weeks but it's that time again. Time to say bye bye to the straight hair. (I wash my hair every 2 weeks when I wear it straight)
This week's wash day was very simple. I coated my strands and scalp with olive oil. Detangling was a breeze since my hair was already straight and easy to coat threw. The oil helped add slip as well.

Then I washed my hair with the As I Am Coconut Co-wash. I only used a couple handfuls of this Cowash to evenly distribute on my scalp and throughout my hair. Afterwards, I deep conditioned with Naturelle Grow Marshmallow Root Slippery Elm Bark & Natural Cinnamon Conditioner.

Instead of rinsing the conditioner out in 15 mins the way I normally would, I covered my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for a few hours. (Sat under the dryer for 10 mins as well)

The reason why is because I like to infuse as much moisture in my hair after it has been straightened for a while. Also, I skipped my pre poo and wanted to deep condition longer.

Lastly, I rinsed the conditioner out, shirt dried my hair, and added leave ins.

As for my style, I did a flex rod set and slept with the rods throughout my hair over night.  Correction: I tried to sleep in them all night but that didn't work out. I enjoyed what sleep I did get lol.

Today was a good wash day. :)
The Wash Day Experience

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  1. wll hey Shirley Temple! lol your curls came out great and your hair looks stretched to the Gawds. congrats on a great wash day