I Missed Blogging

"Oh My Snickers Bar With Fudge Brownies" I have been blog-less for about a month but I AM FINALLY BACK.

Long story short, I have been busy, busy, busy. 

I got a new job, got engaged, joined a gym, started studying again for the fall semester in order to finish my undergraduate degree....etc. That's the bulk of it.

However, my blog has been on my mind constantly. I have so many plans and cosmetic changes to do. 

Hair Update:
- I got my hair trimmed (Date in the side bar).
- I have slacked a lot on my hair care but I'm getting back in the swing of things.
- I am currently recovering from very dry/brittle ends. (Coconut Oil has helped a lot)

More Updates and posts to come. I really am glad to be blogging once again. Bare with me please.

Also, today marks MY 3RD YEAR NATURAL. Yayyyy. :)

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