Where Have I Been?

Hi! Remember me? (Laughs)

I know that my last post on my blog was in JANUARY and I haven't been seen much since then.  For starters, from January to May, I was facing my final semester in my undergraduate studies and it was challenging. I stopped blogging and sleeping in order to achieve my goal of graduating from college.  I succeeded! Yayyyy! However, between my job and moving to another city this summer with my husband, I still couldn't find the time for my blog or my hair for that matter.

Fortunately, I received a friendly reminder from my dry hair and from my domain provider. I renewed my domain name and decided to dedicate more time to blogging. Therefor I am officially back and I'm going to be more consistent with my posts.

Also, you may have noticed some of my posts have been either altered or totally removed and that is because some of my images were from other sites (photos I did not create or legally owned). Even though I mentioned the source, I did not want to violate copyright laws, so I removed a few posts.

Also, let me know of any posts that you would like to see.

Have a happy hair day...Check out my last two recent posts HERE and HERE
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