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Disclaimer: Differerent things work for different people. I am in no way, shape, form, or fashion trying to discourage something that works. If something is working out for you then stick with it. This post is based on research and my personal experiences. Enjoy!


Wash Day (Christmas Edition)

First, I finger detangled my hair while it was dry.  I really don't care for finger detangling my dry hair but I decided to give it a try since my hair was so badly tangled. I had rocked my puff all week without detangling one strand. Next, I rinsed my dry hair in the shower and sectioned it into 4 sections with my fingers.  

For each section, I finger detangled again, detangled with my tangle teezer, and combed through with my wide tooth comb.  I found that this method works best for releasing all of the shed hairs that may need help being released.  I always keep my hair stretched out with one hand as I detangle. I found that this prevents the shed strands from curling around the attached strands and forming "fairy knots." 

Once I detangled each section, I applied my Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner (HECC) to each section (applied to my scalp only) and massaged gently to lift away any buildup on my scalp.  I like to use my tangle teezer again during this step to gently rub my scalp.  Since I incorporated this step, of using the tangle teezer to massage my scalp, I have a clean scalp every time.  Sometimes, it's hard to cleanse my scalp thoroughly with a conditioner but it's easier with the tangle teezer. 

After that step, I rinsed the co-wash out in sections and applied Miracle 7 deep conditioner to my hair from midshaft to ends.  I then covered my hair with a plastic grocery bag (out of plastic caps lol) and sat under my hooded dryer for 15 mins.  Using my scalp invigorator, I massaged my edges and scalp in circular motions to increase blood flow for 3 minute.  
Lastly, I rinsed and squeezed the excess water out of my hair.  I skipped t-shirt drying to prevent any type of frizz.  Next, I parted my hair in diagonal sections with four in the front and four in the back.  I applied Coconut Oil and Shea Moisture Curling Buttercream to each section. Afterwards, I flat twisted my hair downward and pinned up each completed twist.  Lastly, I air dried for 3 hours, unraveled each twist, and fluffed. A different look but I like it. 

The Wash Day Experience


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Edgemas Day 18 - 25

This post is to wrap up the last few days of Edgemas.  With the holidays comes traveling, cooking, and lots of time spent with families. Honestly, I've been without my laptop or any type of technology besides my phone. So, in an attempt to complete the last of these Edgemas posts, I want to let you in on all the details.

Synopsis of what I've done so far
  1. Scalp massages every other night (I forgot a few times)
  2. Cowashed weekly
  3. Edge-friendly hairstyles
  4. Kept edges moisturized
  5. Slept with silk scarf
  6. No gel on edges
  7. Didn't brush edges
  8. Twist-outs
I've seen some evidence of growth due to the fact that my edges have started to form curls or "bee bees."  Even though Edgemas is over I will continue to post my edge progress.

Edgemas Day 17

Nothing has changed in my Edgemas routine lately. Lately I've been wearing a twist out daily and moisturizing at night with my Shea Moisture Curling Buttercream. Stay tuned for my wash day post to find out more.

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Edgemas Day 16


Edges Close up

This is what my edges look like currently.  I am going to continue to pamper my edges and post a new edge close up in about a month. Even when Edgemas ends, I am going to continue my edge journey. Has anyone found an edge hair growth solution?

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Edgemas Day 15


Hot Oil Treatment Night: I decided to give my scalp a hot oil treatment. Lately, I've only oiled and massaged my edges.  However, my entire scalp could benefit from the scalp stimulation.  I recently bought this Roots Applicator bottle from Sally's Beauty Supply. I poured a small amount of warm olive oil from the microwave into the bottle.  Next, I parted my hair in four sections and applied the oil throughout each section (scalp only). Very relaxing! 
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Edgemas Day 14


Merry Christmas to me! I finally purchased a new flat iron.  I purchased a Sedu 1 &1/2 inch flat iron.  I wanted to repurchase the KQC but I decided to try something different this time.  I've actually used the Sedu flat iron before and I didn't like it at all. However, I was relaxed at the time and I was not experienced with using flat irons. Hopefully when the flat iron arrives, I will have a different experience. Exciting....

Edges Update: I haven't seen much progress yet, but this challenge is definitely motivating me to take better care of my edges and my overall hair/body health.
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Edgemas Day 13


What was my style of choice today? The infamous "puff." I am aware that this style is not the most edge friendly style.  However, it is the quickest easiest style known to naturals,  On busy days, including today, I welcome my old friend. My edges are probably screaming. 

Edgemas: Day 12

Today, my husband bought me a selfie stick. Not only is it PINK but it is really is convenient. On the selfie stick, there is a cord that plugs directly into the phone, and there is a button on the stick to press to take photos. I really think that I'll be using this stick to take my blog photos with. Here is my photo from today.
Normally I have to take several photos in order to get the right angles. However, I took ONE photo and everything was inside of the frame. I love this selfie stick.
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Edgemas: Day 11

Today was a good hair day. Last night I loosely tied a silk scarf around my edges. This morning, my edges were a little flat so I simply used a little bit of coconut oil and my Shea Moisture Curling Buttercream to twist down my edges. Next, I simply fluffed and I was out of the door. This style grew on me throughout the day. What do you think?
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Edgemas: Day 10

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By the way, as for today's Edgemas post, I simply did scalp massages with coconut oil.

"To the one who gave, let us give."

Wash Day

Normally I like to straighten my hair around this time of year because the humidity isn't so bad. On the other hand,  I am trying to give my hair more tender loving care. I also haven't found a flat iron that I truly love in the same way as I did my KQC flat iron. Although, I know that heat free hair is healthy hair.

Lately I've been co-washing or diluting my shampoo. I have noticed more shine since I have stopped shampooing so often. Also, I've seen a decrease in breakage and easier detangling. 

The co-wash I've been loving is by Herbal Essences and it's labeled as a Cleansing Conditioner. It's apart of their NAKED line of products. These products are free of sulfates and parabens.

This co-wash is so moisturizing that I skip my pre-poo every time I use it. It does all the work that my pre-poo does while cleansing my hair. It also cuts my wash day time in half. I still sort of cringe when I know how tangled my hair is coupled with the fact that wash day takes hours. Now, I still cringe a little but I feel better because I'm out of the shower before the water gets cold.

Today, I spread the Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner (HECC) evenly throughout my hair. With my tangle teezer, I gently massage my scalp in circular motions and part my hair with my fingers as I go. With this method, I can lift any dead skin and rinse it away. Also, it's a great way to stimulate my scalp to promote hair growth.  Then I finger detangled and rinsed my hair with warm water.

Afterwards, I applied my Miracle 7 deep conditioner and covered my hair with a plastic cap along with my conditioning cap. I sat under my conditioning cap for about 15 minutes. After deep conditioning, I used my new scalp invigorator for about a minute.  I simply used circular motions while the conditioner and plastic cap was still on. Then I rinsed the conditioner out with cool water and wrapped my hair in a t-shirt.

As for leave in's, I applied coconut oil and two strand twisted my hair with Shea Moisture Kids Curling Buttercream. After air-drying, I untwisted and fluffed.

The Wash Day Experience

Edgemas: Day 9

Edgemas Day 9: This is the twist out from my wash day from today. Check out all the details of my wash day post HERE.  This style is hairline friendly because of the little to no tension on my edges.

Edgemas - Day 8

Edgemas Day 7: Short, sweet, and to the point.  I have co-washed consistently for about two months and the results have been so great. Around this time of year, I normally flat iron my hair but lately I've been curly and my hair is more soft than it has been in a long time. My favorite co-wash at the moment is by Herbal Essences and its their cleansing conditioner.  I co-washed my hair tonight and my hair is really soft. Wash Day post and pics coming tomorrow as well as my edges progress.