Edgemas Day 18 - 25

This post is to wrap up the last few days of Edgemas.  With the holidays comes traveling, cooking, and lots of time spent with families. Honestly, I've been without my laptop or any type of technology besides my phone. So, in an attempt to complete the last of these Edgemas posts, I want to let you in on all the details.

Synopsis of what I've done so far
  1. Scalp massages every other night (I forgot a few times)
  2. Cowashed weekly
  3. Edge-friendly hairstyles
  4. Kept edges moisturized
  5. Slept with silk scarf
  6. No gel on edges
  7. Didn't brush edges
  8. Twist-outs
I've seen some evidence of growth due to the fact that my edges have started to form curls or "bee bees."  Even though Edgemas is over I will continue to post my edge progress.

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