Length Check on Natural Hair

Average growth since last length check:

07/29/2014 - 01/01/16

 -2.5 INCHES

Check out my last length check HERE

Previous Length 7/29/14
Current Length 1/1/16

Last Length Check: June 29th 2014 
Last Trim: November 2015

Front - 9 inches (Minus 3 inches)
Middle - 11 inches (No Change)
Side - 8 inches (Minus 2 inches)
Back - 8 inches (Minus 2.5 inches)

Overall Length: (A little past) Shoulder Length (SL)

This is a current length check of my hair. I compared measurements from my last length check. Overall, in a year and a half, I trimmed/lost a lot of potential growth. I lost a total of 2.5 inches in that time frame, not to mention about 9 inches of potential growth (hair grows approx 1/2 an inch per month). I'm still on a hair journey. I plan on being more consistent on this journey and enjoying the ride.  Set backs are just a set up for something greater (in my Joel Osteen voice). 

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