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Wash Day

I definitely am getting the hang of finger detangling. I read a post by Urban Bush Babes about finger detangling and it was like everything I needed to read and more. Click HERE to check it out. Basically, I knew that my hair responded well to dry finger detangling, but the key ingredient that was lacking was detangling from ROOT TO TIP. 

I'm familiar with combing from the bottom and working toward the top but with finger detangling it's the other way around. I detangled my hair in about 45 mins last Saturday and I was shocked because it took me about two hours 2 weeks ago. EEeeekk. I was almost about to give up on the finger detangling club lol. However, I still am trying to find a way to get less single strand knots. 

My downfall this wash day was not finger detangling before I washed. I thought that I could do it all in the shower.  Unfortunately, I experienced some breakage and single strand knots. LESSON LEARNED! LOL!  This is what my hair looked like before I jumped in the shower to wash my hair. Oh so tangled!!! This was truly a lazy wash day.
After cowashing with Herbal Essences Cleansing Cowash (loosened dead skin with my tangle teezer of course), I deep conditioned with Miracle & deep conditioner. Next, I covered my hair with a plastic cap and applied heat with my Gold N Hot deep conditioning cap. I deep conditioned for 30 mins and used my scalp invigorator to massage my scalp for a couple of minutes. Next, I rinsed my hair in cool water and shook out the excess moisture to avoid frizz. Then I applied coconut oil as a leave in.

As far as style, I gravitated toward an old favorite, the famous twist out puff. I wear this style literally every week.  It's an easy style an is perfect for a lazy wash day. I flat twisted my hair and let it air dry overnight. The next morning, I untwisted with coconut oil and gathered half of my hair in the back into a high ponytail pineapple.

The Wash Day Experience

Itchy Scalp? (Remix)


1. The Hair Doctor Hair Treatment for Hair & Scalp by Lush - The Hair Doctor by Lush is a 20 minute, deep-cleansing, herbal hair treatment for hair and scalp. I used a sample size of the Hair Doctor last year and it soothed my scalp like nothing else. The ingredients alone in this product makes it a winner. Some of the ingredients include: peppermint oil, chamomile oil, rosemary, extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. This treatment is definitely worth a shot in the colder months for troubled scalps.

2. Tree Tree Oil + Olive or Coconut Oil - This combination is another treat. Tea tree oil is great for scalp irritations because it is an anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. In order to use tea tree oil, just mix a few drops with your favorite oil (Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, etc.) and apply it directly to the scalp for 30 mins. (If you purchase tea tree oil  that is an essential oil, dilute it with a carrier oil.) 

3. Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo - A clarifying Shampoo can be good to use when trying to settle a troubled scalp, because it can rid the scalp of build up (Which may be causing the problem). Also, this particular shampoo has Salicylic acid in it, which can lift away dead skin cells. Also, other soothing ingredients include: sage, chamomile, and green tea. This was my favorite clarifying shampoo during my transition to natural.

4. Rosemary Sprig + Chamomile Tea Bag - Lastly, this scalp treatment is a tea rinse that can be applied to the hair and scalp after shampooing. Simply add water, a few sprigs of rosemary, and a few bags of chamomile tea in a pot and boil. After the tea rinse comes to a boil, turn it off, and let it cool. Once cool, strain it and use it on a wash day to rinse your hair. (Another tip would be to add your deep conditioner after the tea rinse and sit for 30 mins.)

The above post was an older post that I created in 2013. I forgot that I have been blogging that long. Here I listed a few additions that you can use to ease an itchy scalp and a few things that I have learned along the way.
  1. Scalp irritations can be caused by the chemicals in the products you use, product buildup, sweat, excess sun exposure, scratching, and bacteria just to name a few things.
  2. If you notice continued irritation after using a product it may be time to discontinue use.  
  3. Try switching to more natural ingredients if you notice your scalp reacting to certain products. 
  4. A healthy scalp is conducive to hair growth
  5. GREASE does not equal MOISTURE (check out my post about grease and moisture HERE)
  6. Scalp expoliation is a good way to remove buildup by gently rubbing the dead skin off of your scalp (Exfoliators include: scalp massagers, shampoo brushes, brown sugar/coconut oil mixture, etc. )

Wash Day

Is it March already? Wow the time is flying. Yesterday was the start of my 3 month curly hair challenge titled: Nursing Natural Hair Back to Health. Check it out HERE.  To kick off the challenge, I finger detangled on dry hair, the night before I co-washed. I like finger detangling on dry hair vs. wet hair. My reason for it is that my hair curls tighter once water hits it. In its dry state, I can work better removing tangles.  I can’t say that I enjoy finger detangling.  Even on a good day, it takes FOREVER.  However, I promised myself that I would not use combs for this entire challenge. Letting go like Elsa did is hard though. 

The next day, I sectioned my hair into four sections. I jumped in the shower and co-washed one section at a time. Here are the steps for each section.
1.      Applied Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner to my scalp and hair
2.      Finger detangled to release shed hair
3.      Divided the section into subsections and gently exfoliated my scalp only with my Tangle Teezer
4.      Rubbed my scalp with my fingertips to loosen dead skin cells
5.      Smoothed the section with my hand and clipped it up.
I followed these steps for each of the four sections.  Once I finished co-washing, I deep conditioned with Miracle 7 Deep Conditioner.  I love this deep conditioner, it is a dupe for It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask. Check out my review of both products HERE.  I applied the deep conditioner to the ends of my hair and covered with a plastic bag. I then applied heat by using my GoldNHot conditioning cap for 20 minutes. 

            Once I finished deep conditioning, I used my Scalp Invigorator to gently massage my scalp (concentrating on the edges).  Afterwards, I rinsed the conditioner out with cool water. In addition, I shook my hair to remove excess water instead of using a t-shirt to dry my hair. This step is new and I am trying it out in hopes to minimize frizz.
            As far as styling, I applied Coconut Oil and Shea Moisture Kids Curling Butter Cream to my hair.  My super flat twists saved the day once again. I just love flat twists.  A neat trick I tried this time was twisting the back of my hair in an upward direction. I did this for two purposes:
  1. So it would be easier to pin up in a bun
  2. So they wouldn’t be flat the next morning after sleeping on them
Normally, I flat twist all my sections downward, which I still love doing.  However, I wear a lot of buns and it’s always hard trying to catch the hairs in the back of my head when they all want to point down lol.  The next morning, I untwisted each twist with a little coconut oil on my finger tips and I pinned it into a nice bun with fringe hanging out in the front. 
If you’re interested in participating in the 3 month hair challenge that I’m a part of, check out this link (((CLICKME)))

Also, to participate in a weekly wash day experience with other awesome hair bloggers, just click the “Washday Experience” logo below.

The Wash Day Experience

Nursing Natural Hair Back To Health: Month 1


3 - Months Curly Hair Challenge

The Problem: Breakage, Dullness, Stagnate Hair, Thinning Edges 
The Solution: Finger Detangle, Weekly deep conditioning, Monthly protein treatments, Washing in sections, less manipulation, scalp massages.
The Goal: Longer, stronger, defined, and shiny hair

Join me for a 3-Month Curly Hair Challenge starting today. All you have to do is sign up and follow along. Click HERE for the direct link. I hope you all will join me.

Here is my current hair length. Excuse my oily hair that's matted together at the ends.