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Nursing Natural Hair Back To Health: Month 2

3 - Month's Curly Hair Challenge

The Problem: Breakage, Dullness, Stagnate Hair, Thinning Edges
The Solution: Finger Detangling, Weekly deep conditioning, Monthly protein treatments, Washing in sections, Less manipulation, Scalp Massages.
The Goal: Longer, Stronger, Defined, and Shinier Hair.

Thinning Edges Update

This challenge I'm on has been great so far. Finger detangling and single stand knots has been my kryptonite. However, I have noticed a big change in the health of my hair, as well as, EDGE GROWTH. YAAYYY!

Things That Has Helped So Far
Satin pillowcase
Silk Scarf
Scalp Massager (Scalp Invigorator)
Deep Conditioning
No gel
No bristle brushes
Vitamins (One-A-Day Vitacraves)
Tension Free Styles
Satin Scrunchies

I have been documenting my edge progress since December of last year and I have been plesantly surprised at the change. At first, I started to see what I like to call "peach fuzz" or "beady beads" around my edges which let me know that there was some growth happening. Now, the left side has grown in about 90% and the right side 70%. I'm excited to see how much progress I've made when this challenge is done. 

To see a close up of my edges back in December, click HERE.

To see some things I was doing to promote growth in December, click HERE.

Join me for the remainder of a 3 - Month Curly Hair Challenge. There is a month and a half left to get those stands in shape!!!!  All you have to do is sign up and follow along. Click HERE for the direct link. I hope you will join me.

Wash Day

1.    Detangling

For starters, I finger detangled my hair in sections. First, I parted my hair from ear to ear with my fingers. Then I parted my hair again straight down the middle. From there, I divided each of those four sections into two sections; making it a total of 8 sections.  After finger detangling a section, I two strand twisted it. Since my hair was somewhat moisturized to start with, detangling was easier that normal. However, it still took a total of 2 hours to detangle. I was able to watch one entire movie and half of another one before I finished finger detangling. If anyone has detangling tips, please let me know.

2.    Washing

I co-washed my hair with HECC (Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner...check out my review of it HERE) and concentrated the conditioner on my scalp only. Next, I took my tangle teezer and gently massaged my scalp with it to lift dandruff.  Next, I rinsed my hair in sections. During this process, I also finger detangled a little more as the conditioner worked its way through my strands.

3.    Conditioning

I deep conditioned with Miracle 7 deep conditioner and concentrated on my ends. Next, I piled my hair on the top of my head and secured with loose elastic without doubling it.  This makes it easier for the heat to reach the ends of my hair when I'm deep conditioning with my heat cap. Then I covered my hair with a plastic bag.

4.    Styling 

As for styling, I used Coconut Oil and Shea Moisture's Curling Buttercream as my leave in and styling products.  I styled my hair with a twist-out AGAIN. Lol, I style my hair the same way every week but it's very easy to keep up with. However, I used larger twists this time to achieve a chunkier twist out. Then, I rolled the ends of my hair on perm rods. In total, I had 9 twists. 


The Wash Day Experience

Wash Day


Products used: (I) Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner (II) Aubrey Organics GPB Protein Balancing Conditioner (III) Miracle 7 Deep Conditioner (IV) Tangle Teezer (V) Scalp Invigorator (VI) Gold 'N' Hot Conditioning Cap *not pictured* (VII) Gray Perm Rods (VIII) Spray Water Bottle (IX) Coconut Oil (X) Shea Moisture Kids Curling Buttercream

Process: First, I finger detangled my hair with coconut oil. Next, I parted my hair into four sections with my fingers.  Afterwards, I cowashed my hair with Herbal Essences Cleansing conditioner, in sections.  Also, I used my tangle teezer to gently massage my scalp to lift dead skin cells. I do not use the tangle teeze to comb my natural hair, in the past I did comb my hair with it, but now it works amazing in the shower for my scalp.  I place the tangle teezer on my scalp and massage my scalp in circular motions. I make sure to hold my hair taut in an attempt to avoid tangling any hair. Next, I rinsed out the cowash and applied Miracle 7 deep conditioner to all four sections. Also, on the ends of my hair, I applied Aubrey Organics GPB Protein Balancing Conditioner as a monthly protein treatment.  Then, I grabbed my handy dandy conditioning cap and a plastic cap to deep condition for 30 mins. After deep conditioning, I used my scalp invigorator for 1 minute to stimulate blood flow.  The scalp invigorator really makes me feel like I'm having a spa day lol. Lastly, I rinsed out the deep conditioner with cool water and shook my hair of excess water instead to using a t-shirt/towel to dry (avoiding frizz).  

Styling: I tried to shake things up a bit this week with my hair style. I really love my flat twistouts so I had to incorporate them in some way heheheheheee. Once ya pop ya can't stop ya know! I do love flat twists though and I can't get enough of them (Like Pringles!).  However, this week I incorporated a side part and PERM RODS. I have a lot of hair rollers that I rarely use! Moving on, I parted my hair with the end of a rattail comb to create my side part. Next, I created smaller sized flat twists on both sides of my head and in the back of my head. Instead of twisting the top half of my hair forward, like I usually do, I twisted my hair to the side toward my ears. If any hair dried out along the way, I sprayed it with water to dampen it.  As for my styling products, I used Coconut Oil and Shea Moisture's Curling Buttercream to twist my hair with.  Lastly, I twisted the ends of my hair on perm rods to create a curly look.

I air dried my hair overnight. The next morning, I untwisted my hair with coconut oil on my fingers and gently fluffed. Some strands in the back of my head were looking a tad bit limp and lifeless so I snipped a few pieces. Well, I snipped a tad bit more than a few but I don't think it will show up on camera. I hope! I probably shouldn't own a pair of scissors. All in all I loved this look! All smiles! 

The Wash Day Experience