Nursing Natural Hair Back To Health: Month 2

3 - Month's Curly Hair Challenge

The Problem: Breakage, Dullness, Stagnate Hair, Thinning Edges
The Solution: Finger Detangling, Weekly deep conditioning, Monthly protein treatments, Washing in sections, Less manipulation, Scalp Massages.
The Goal: Longer, Stronger, Defined, and Shinier Hair.

Thinning Edges Update

This challenge I'm on has been great so far. Finger detangling and single stand knots has been my kryptonite. However, I have noticed a big change in the health of my hair, as well as, EDGE GROWTH. YAAYYY!

Things That Has Helped So Far
Satin pillowcase
Silk Scarf
Scalp Massager (Scalp Invigorator)
Deep Conditioning
No gel
No bristle brushes
Vitamins (One-A-Day Vitacraves)
Tension Free Styles
Satin Scrunchies

I have been documenting my edge progress since December of last year and I have been plesantly surprised at the change. At first, I started to see what I like to call "peach fuzz" or "beady beads" around my edges which let me know that there was some growth happening. Now, the left side has grown in about 90% and the right side 70%. I'm excited to see how much progress I've made when this challenge is done. 

To see a close up of my edges back in December, click HERE.

To see some things I was doing to promote growth in December, click HERE.

Join me for the remainder of a 3 - Month Curly Hair Challenge. There is a month and a half left to get those stands in shape!!!!  All you have to do is sign up and follow along. Click HERE for the direct link. I hope you will join me.

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