Hair of the Day (HOTD)


Today is Friday!!!! TGIF! Also, it's blog post day. Today, I'm due for a wash and I didn't want to leave my blog without a post until I finished my "Wash Day" routine (which takes hours). I will be washing my hair over the weekend.  With that being said, I will post my wash day post for this week of August 8th through the 11th on Monday. So come back on Monday to check it out.

Moving on... today's post, I want to share my hair of the day. This is actually how I wore my hair this entire week and it has shrunk into what you see here. It was full and bouncy and full of twists from a twist out but I still like it. It's easy to do too.

I simply sprayed my edges with water and applied my Shea Moisture Kids Curling Buttercream (REVIEW) to my edges as well. Then I gathered half of my hair on one side and pinned it at the top of my head and did the same thing to the opposite side. Next, I fluffed the remaining hair with my hand until I liked the look.Voila!

I hope you are enjoying your Friday. Check out my last wash day post [HERE]. See ya Monday.

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