Wash Day - Perm Rod Set


This weekend was awesome! I decided to switch up my hairstyle. I tried a perm rod set that turned out really well. It made me feel like I was rocking a teeny weeny Afro (TWA) which was cool. Also, I'm celebrating my 26th birthday next weekend and I wanted to try something new. My husband surprised me with a special pre-birthday lunch after church Sunday so it's a good thing that I got fancy with the hair. Here are all the deets.

First and foremost, I started off with finger detangled hair. I try to detangle the night before to cut down on total time spent on wash day. Trust me, wash day is long enough. Typically, I spray my hair with water, add my Shea Moisture curling buttercream (REVIEW), run my fingers through my strands to release shed hair, and twist the de-tangled hair up. The following morning, I unravel my hair and proceed to co-wash.

To co-wash, I used Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner. I focused the conditioner on my scalp and massaged gently with my fingers. Next, I used my tangle teezer to massage my scalp and lift impurities. Then, I rinsed my hair and squeezed majority of the water out before applying a deep conditioner. Afterward, I applied Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil intensive Hydration Hair Masque (REVIEW) throughout my hair and removed any shed hair in the process. Because this deep conditioner has so much slip, it's easy to remove shed hair. Next, I pulled my hair to the top of my head, secured it loosely with an elastic, and covered my head in a plastic bag. Also, I deep conditioned for 30 mins under my Gold N Hot conditioning cap, rinsed hair in warm/cool water, and styled. (If you want the see the video version of how I wash/condition click HERE)

To style, I used the gray perm rods size 6/16 long. I parted in hair in small squares (about 1 inch long and one inch wide) all over my head. Then, I two strand twisted the hair in each square. I did not use and rubber bands or gel. However, to twist, I did use a little Coconut Oil for shine and Shea Moisture Curling Buttercream for moisture. 

To create a more elongated curl, a soft hold, and accelerate drying time, I rolled my hair in a spiral on the roller. Bunching up the twist on the roller would create a tighter curl and take longer to dry. I learned this from experience. This whole process of twisting and rolling took two hours. I let my hair air dry overnight and slept on a satin pillowcase (I did not tie anything over my hair). The next morning, I unrolled each twist in a spiral motion to preserve the spiral shape. 

Next, I applied olive oil to my fingers, unraveled each twist, and separated them until I liked the shape. These photos were taken Sunday during my surprise birthday outing. My husband took the photos and he is genuinely talented with this camera. He really knows how to capture a shot. We had lunch outside so needless to say my hair went was a little frizzy and decided to POOF more soon after but I enjoyed every second of it. Happy Monday Peeps! See ya Friday! 

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