Okay, y'all. Listen. The devil is working against me right now! I seriously have been trying to upload a video for my Friday's post since WEDNESDAY. I try to have my posts up by 9 or 9:30 every Monday and Friday but my computer is obviously sick of me torturing it early in the morning. This Windows 7 computer is like 7 years old, seriously. It's coming apart at one end and doesn't hold a charge for 30 mins when unplugged.  I'm blessed it has lasted this long. Actually, I lied,  this is my husband's computer that I have adopted as mine because I use it 24/7.  Lol....but all is well. I hope you are enjoying your Friday.

Sidenote: My hair is still straight from when I straightened it for a wedding 2 weeks ago. When I straighten my hair, I only wash once every two weeks (Last Wash Day HERE). So, as a little memento, I was planning to upload my blowdry and flat iron process but it was a FAIL. My movie software was like...nope...not today...currently sleep. Lol basically saying I need a newer, faster, and higher storage capacity computer.

However, all is not lost. If it decides to upload by the end of the day, I will post it in a separate blog post and link it to this one.  By the way, there will be a new WASH DAY blog post up this coming Monday.

Now, the moment you all have been waiting on...the WINNER of the Handmade Satin Pillowcase is TAYLOR CLOSET. I will send you an email shortly and congratulations!

New Post Every Monday & Friday!

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