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Happy Monday All! Today I'm sharing my hair or the day (HOTD). I decided to go to a salon to get my ends trimmed and it was a much-needed trim. Here is the before photo from my last wash day when I straightened my hair. Also, check out my last wash day HERE.

Here is what my hair looked like after the trim. I mean the difference is amazing and I was able to comb through it without the comb getting stuck at the ends. Plus. it just looks a whole lot better.

Moving on to the hair of the day, I decided to pop some curls in my hair for church on Sunday and I was so happy with the results. As a heat protectant, I added a dime sized amount of One N Only Argan Oil serum, that I purchased from Sally's.  I also added about a quarter sized amount of coconut oil to my ends as well.  

Next, I curled my hair on 330 degrees Fahrenheit with a 1-inch curling iron from Hot Tools, that I received as a Christmas gift from Ulta a few years ago. I took chunky sections of hair and curled then for a few seconds. Then, I took a satin covered roller (I purchased mine from Walmart) and rolled the hair down to the scalp and snapped the roller in place. These rollers are the traditional foam roller with satin covering them.  The satin helps prevent frizz and protect the hair strands from rubbing against the foam roller and becoming snagged.

 I slept with my hair covered in a silk scarf and I fluffed it out the next morning. To fluff, I covered my palms with a little bit of coconut oil and separated the curls by hand. Later, I used a wide tooth comb to help give my desired look. Voila, I was Sunday ready.

Here is a photo of my husband and I looking our Sunday Best. LOL...enjoy your week everybody!

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