How I Blowdry & Straighten My Hair (VIDEO)


Soooo my video finally uploaded today! Yayyyyy. If you read my last post (HERE) then you witnessed my computer issues. However, this little computer got it done. It only took 5 days lol. Here is my video of me blowdrying and flat ironing my natural hair. By the way, I pre-filmed this video two weeks ago for the wedding I attended. Check out that wash day post (HERE). I used the FHI 1900 blow dryer and FHI Runway flat iron. Check out my initial thoughts on these items (HERE). At first, I thought to take back my FHI Runway flat iron back because portions of the edges of the plates were darkened and chipped. However, I decided to keep it.

In this video, I set my blowdryer to the warm setting and blow dried my hair on the low setting. The entire blow drying process took me about 30 mins. I keep a plastic bag over the section of hair I am not working with until it's time to blow dry that section. To flat iron, I set my flat iron to 410 and use 2-3 passes per strand unless my ends won't straighten out. It takes me about an hour to flat iron using this iron.  My ends are puffy in the video because I need a trim. However,  after wrapping it at night, my ends blend a lot better. Also, thanks to the power of editing, I sped the video up and cut out a lot of footage in order to get the video time down to 5 mins. I hope you enjoy it.

SIDE NOTE: Today was suppose to be Wash Day so that post will be bumped to this Friday since this video uploaded. GET I decided to flat iron my hair...again because I have the straightening bug. It actually turned out more straight than in this video. If you're interested in how I wash and condition click (HERE)

(Video Shakiness Fixed!!!!)
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