Length Check - Straight Hair


May 2016
August 2016
Last Cut/Trim: 5/27/16

Average Growth Since Cut:
*see photos*

Last Length Check: 01/01/16 (This is before I cut my hair in May of this year)

Current Measurements:
Front: 9 in.
Middle: 9 in.
Sides: 8 in.
Back: 6 in.
Overall Length: (A little past) Shoulder Length (SL)

This is my current hair length. The first photo is how my hair looked in May when I chopped it off. Check out when I cut my hair in May HERE. My hair has grown for neck length to shoulder length in three months. I don't have measurements from May but I will start tracking my exact measurements from this point on with a tape measure and my length check shirt. I did a DIY post of this shirt a while ago and my hair stops on the triangle (the first line) right now. If you want to make a length check shirt of your own click HERE. Also, from my last length check in January, before I cut my hair, my measurements were: 

Front - 9 inches (Minus 3 inches)
Middle - 11 inches (No Change)
Side - 8 inches (Minus 2 inches)
Back - 8 inches (Minus 2.5 inches)
Overall Length: (A little past) Shoulder Length (SL)

I am back shoulder length like I was in January. Currently, the middle of my hair, or the crown, is shorter by 2 inches than it was in January. Check out my last length check HERE. My overall goal is to be armpit length by January 2017.  I'm super excited and pumped about my progress so far!!! *throws confetti* 

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