Hi hair friends, I want to be completely honest with you! I have been slacking on my hair blog! I've missed it with a passion! I want to give you an honest reason for my absence. I'll make it as short as possible. 

First and foremost, I was a stay at home wife for a few months and I had a lot of time to blog and enjoy my passion. However, I was employed in early October with an 8 hour daily position. Some days and weekends, I work overtime (voluntarily) to contribute to my field. 

Also, I started school as a graduate student full time. I have spent a lot of time studying and completing assignments. This has really shortened my blogging time or any other time to play around in my hair.

Lack of Inspiration
Also, there was a period of time when I felt "writers block" and was unable to create posts that were meaningful and helpful. Some posts were simply 'fillers' to keep my blog up and running! Furthermore, I was running out of things to blog about or lacked the time to really create something I truly loved!

However, now I have a little more free time and a lot of new fresh ideas. Please help encourage me by commenting and telling me things that you want to see. Also, I welcome any encouraging words and blogging tips on consistency! I plan to be more disciplined and continually post on my scheduled days!

Thank you to all of you who have stuck it out with me and continued to tune in to see my posts. I will still keep the same schedule for my blog posts and be more diligent about posting each week. I will be back Monday with a brand new post!!!

New Post Every Monday & Friday!

2 comments on "Update!!!!"
  1. I started following you as a rec from JGA, I don't comment ever but I wanted to let you know that I continually check back to read your posts and enjoy your content. I'd be interested to see how your hair journey changes as you go through grad school with a job and family. So many hair bloggers don't have these constraints and have created unrealistic expectations for those of us who do. Tell us how you keep your hair healthy and styled with your new schedule.

    1. Thank you Kenya and I will definitely make updates on how I style my hair with my new schedule. Also, thank you for the encouragement and for tuning in.