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2016 Recap (A Look At The Year)


Hi, Hair Friends. The year has come and gone by in a flash. I seriously can't believe that it is about to be 2017! Really? I'm in denial but this is going to be a great year for me and a year to remember. I have big plans for the following year, as I hope we all do, that will not just be revolutions but restoration and reconnection with others and renovations on ourselves. For me, I have am loving my blog and plan on expanding my vision on it. Also, I have a sewing hobby that I want to continue perfecting. Not to mention this is my last year of graduate school there is so much in store. I feel like you all should stay rocking with me and definitely stay tuned.

However, on to the topic of suggestion. Here is a recap of the year 2016 for my blog. I did some research, on myself, hehe hehe, and picked the top blog post from each of my social media accounts, my blogger account, and my personal favorite post. Grab some popcorn and take a trip down memory lane with me.

Most Popular Post from Twitter of 2016

The most popular post of the year from Twitter thus far is the Wash Day when I cut all of my hair off because I was upset with how my hair was turning out. I felt like I tapped into my inner creative writer by accident on that post. It was real, and unedited. In that post, I was an emotional rollercoaster, and a good read if you want a laugh. Blogger stats for that post included 156 views and 10 comments. his post also had numerous retweets and comments on twitter. Check out all the madness from that post here.

Most Popular Post from Facebook of 2016

The most popular post from Facebook was also Wash Day! It was actually the second wash day after my haphazard big chop that was just mentioned in the most favorite post from blogger. This was a pivotal wash day because I missed my hair! No fireworks for this post, it's only a weekly wash day on a flat twist out.I have plenty of posts on this style. In total, this post reached a total of 17 people. Click this link to check it out.

Most Popular Post from YouTube of 2016

I created this satin lined beanie at the beginning of this year in an attempt to solve the frizzy/split strands I suffer in the winter from hats. I posted a tutorial on Youtube and throughout the year it has gained 6,019 views, 138 likes, and 8 comments. I love the fact that it is helping so many and it's the top favorite of all the social media platforms. Also, recently I created a new and improved satin lined cap from scratch (LINK). Check out the satin lined beanie here.

Most Popular Post from Instagram of 2016

This was my first video tutorial of the process and steps I take to flat twist my hair. It's a great post that I feel is step by step. This tutorial photo received 17 likes on Instagram which was the highest count on Instagram this year for my blog. Yay! To check out this tutorial, click here.

Most Popular Post from Blogger of 2016

This is a hair of the day (HOTD) that I post quite regularly. This post had 421 views and had the highest view count on blogger this year. In a way, this post and others like it, let me know what you guys are interested in seeing on this blog. I will be sure to keep it coming. To check out this hairstyle, click here.

Most Popular Post from Pinterest of 2016
Another wash day was the popular post from Pinterest this year. This Wash Day included a hairstyle by yours truly. I called it a flat twisted updo. It turned out really cute and one of my personal favorites before I cut my hair. If you want natural hairstyle ideas, this is great in my opinion, This post received 2 repins on Pinterest and one of them was from a sister blogger at Saving Our Strands, Click here to see this gem of a updo.

Honorable Mention & Personal Favorite Post
Last, but certainly not least is one of my favorite posts from this year. It didn't make it to the top but this is the first blog post where I successfully styled my hair in flat twists and rolled the ends on perm rods. I love this post because I failed at flat twists so many times in the past but I learned that practice makes perfect and we can overcome any obstacle. That was basically my motto in 2016...I can do all things. Check out this post here.

Cheers to a year of greatness and let's make a toast for the year to come. (And of course we are drinking sparkling grape juice from Walmart!) Happy New Year hair family.

Also, you can follow me at any and all of my social media accounts located at the top and sidebar of this page.

Let's see what else we can create next year. Please input any and all suggestions to help make this next year awesome. What should I blog about next?

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Wash Day + Trim


Hey Hair Friends! It's the last Wash Day of the year! I don't have a lot of photos because I'm still enjoying time with family as I know you are too. However. I did wash and straighten my hair again just to keep it out of the way for the holidays. This wash day was a success and come to think about it, I started off very discouraged about my hair. I was ranting to my husband about how dry my hair is and how I'm thinking about cutting it short again. I'm sure he was rolling his eyes about how dramatic I was being but he talked some sense into me by asking, "If you cut it, won't that hinder your progress?" And he is absolutely right, so I jumped down off the ledge of hair meltdown and was determined to solve my hair woes.

For starters, I detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb in sections. Since my hair was already straightened from a few weeks ago, this was an easy process! However, detangling my hair is what started my mini mania! There were shed pieces, broken pieces, curly pieces, split pieces, and all kinds of pieces on my shirt, sink, and floor. I immediately thought that my hair was too frail to touch. Then, I realized that I hadn't combed my hair in like a week, so basically I had set myself up for such a tragedy. Anyway, after detangling I shampooed my hair in the sink with Moroccan Argan Oil Creme Shampoo, which I dislike at the moment because it makes my hair feel like saw dust! I focused the shampoo on my roots and used my tangle teezer to gently massage my scalp and loosen impurities. Next, I rinsed out my shampoo and applied my deep conditioner, It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask, in sections. I like to apply my deep conditioner in sections now because I want every strand to get a good dose of TLC to protect/nourish it.

Next, I gathered my hair into a big pineapple puff and covered my strands with a plastic bag. Furthermore, I sat under my hooded blow dryer for 15 minutes to allow the deep conditioner to penetrate. I also massaged my scalp with my scalp invigorator to increase blood flow and promote growth.

Afterwards, I rinsed my hair with cold water to seal my cuticles and covered my head with a t-shirt. When a few minutes had pasted, I removed my t-shirt and applied my leave-ins/heat protectants. I used Its A 10 Miracle Leave In, Redken Extreme Anti Snap, Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray, and FHI Hot Sauce to my strands. I put all those products in at once except for the FHI Hot Sauce because I use it mainly for its detangling properties when combing out each section of hair to blow dry.

I blow dried my hair with my my FHI Blow dryer and a Denman brush on warm/hot air. This process took about an hour. Also, this was the first time I used a Denman brush and a concentration noodle to blow dry and I loved it. It's like bacon to my eggs now! The Denman brush is s great brush lol.

After blow drying, I flat ironed my hair with my FHI Runway on the highest setting, 450, which was also a first for me. However, I couldn't be happier because I got really sleek results and the shine was amazing. I really had to flat iron at a slow pace and  make sure that my parts were straight to get good results. Also, when I flat iron too much hair, my hair will snag. I lost a few loyal stands but I have the hang of now. I think! Slow and steady definitely wins over strand snatching in my opinion. Once I finished the flat iron process, I put a little bit of Shea Moisture Argan Oil on my ends, wrapped my hair, tied with a silk scarf, and called it successful!

Last but not least, I went to my local salon for a trim. One of the stylists that I have gained a loyal following too quit but I have a new stylist now. Her name is Savannah and she is not scissor happy at all. She cut off very few of my strands by it does look a lot better in my opinion.  Here is a before (on the left) and after (on the right) photo!

So that was my wash day! Check out my last post here!

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Merry Christmas from Anything Hair Related!


5 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Natural Girls/Women


I have a few naturals in my life. My sister in law, cousin, grandma, and the list goes on. However, for any occasion, I always like to give meaningful gifts. They don't have to be the most expensive but I do really pay attention to detail and what the person truly deems meaningful. I know I'm late but here are some things I am considering getting her and I composed a list of thing that might help you as well.

1. Books

Here is a gift for the reader in your life or any natural gal who is interested in hair education. I'm not a huge fan of reading but I will read a hair book because I want the best of the best care for my strands! I actually own a few hair books. Some great ones I've read include Cathy Howse's Ultra Black Hair Growth II. It's a great book for hair care beginners no matter where they are in their hair journey! It's an easy read, with small chapters, and the very first hair book that I read. I have other hair books as well but the bulk of them are on my Kindle App and I read them from my iPhone/iPad! I own The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, The 5 Hair Archetypes by Sharifa Barnett, The Hair Edges Manuel by Breanna Rutter, and The Glam Twinz Guide To Longer Healthier Hair by YouTube Gurus Kendra and Kelsey Murrell. Amazon is a great resource for all these books as well as Books-A-Million and Barnes and Noble.

2. Hair Tools/Appliances

Another great gift is hair tools. There are so many to choose from nowadays. I own a few myself that range from low prices to high prices. They have been well worth their price tags and have lasted the test of time. One of my favorite tools/appliances include my Gold N Hot Conditioning Cap tht I purchased from Sally's a year and a half ago for $30.  Another item that is well cherished/lived is my FHI Runway 1 inch flat iron. It's a new tool for me and the price tag was hefty. $400 dollars worth of hefty to be exact. However,  these tools/appliances would have been great to receive as gifts. Any natural in your life would love a new conditioning cap, blow dryer, flat iron, hair steamer, scalp massager, and the list goes on. I have my eyes set on a hair steamer this year. 

3. Essentials Kit

I got this idea from the different subscription boxes that are gaining popularity around the internet. For a gift, why not make your own goodie box for the naturals in your life. This box pictured above is a real gift for my sister in law. I don't think she knows my blogger account exists, so I am not spoiling it for her. I hope! Anyway, I went to Sally Beauty and stocked up on hair essentials for deep conditioning. I included a full sized deep conditioner, which is one of my personal favorites by Shea Moisture called the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque.  I also threw in a Soft Hood Bonnet that attaches to a blowdryer for heat-activated deep conditioning.  Finally, I added 3 travel sized items from Carols Daughter and Shower Caps to top of this treat.  Also, at the bottom of the gift box, I lined it with a Victoria Secret pouch for practical and aesthetic purposes. You can mix and match however you choice and come up with your own theme. I feel like this would be a great subscription box to receive in the mail.

4. DIY

This next gift idea is my personal favorite and the one I choose most often. D-I-YYYYYYYY! This is where you can let your creativity fly and just get experimental. I think I inherited the bug to sew by my grandma but nowadays. I sew trinkets for everyone. It's a real personal gift that looks more expensive than it actually is because thread and fabric is less that $10 combined.  You can make your natural a set of satin scrunchies, a satin lined cap, satin pillowcase, or a length check/graphic t-shirt. I have tutorials on all of those on my blog. Click the highlighted words to check it out.

5. Gift Cards

Last but certainly not least is the old and faithful gift card. Oh but it can be anything but basic. You can dress it up by adding any of the previous gifts listed.  Also, add your own items like a turban, silk scarf, bobbi pins, elastics, Denman brushes, or any other hair essentials of your choice. Another spin could be to actually take the person shopping and assist them in picking out hair products. Gifts are not all about how much you can spend but it often depends on how you spend your time with the person the gift is for that makes the difference.

Have a blessed Friday my hair friends. Remember.....

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DIY Satin Lined Cap (Free Pattern Printable)


Hello again. Do you remember last year when I made a cute satin lined cap that looked like the photo below? It was made from a hat that I already had and I put pink satin lining on the inside of it. Well, it was super cute, useful, and I used it all throughout the winter season last year. However, it was kind of difficult wearing it with different colors. I had too stick to the gray color scheme. Also, the pink satin lining kind of shows through the gray knit fabric. Never the less, it was still cute and effective at keeping my hair protected.

However, this year I set out to make my very own faux slap cap. I did a lot of research on google and YouTube of people who made their own beanie/cap from scratch. I had no clue how to make a beanie/cap, I just figured it out about a week ago. But I want to share with you what I learned on how to make a cute, affordable, DIY, satin lined cap.

This cap has black and white knit fabric on the outside but it has black stretch satin fabric on the inside.  This cap is super stretchy. The key to the stretch is the knit fabric, stretchy satin fabric, and the zigzag stitches.  The cool thing about this cap is that you don't have to use just one color scheme. You can use any type of fabric you want. You can use fabric that is red, gray, multicolored, YOU NAME ITTTTT.  As long as your fabric is stretchy, then you can make tons and tons and tons of these caps to work with any outfit in your wardrobe.

1 yard of Black and White Knit Fabric - Walmart - Sales Price $2.09 - Original Price $7.00
1 yard of Stretch Satin Fabric - Walmart - Original Price $7.94

This tutorial is easy and the price is right. It is not 100% perfect but it does the job of protection, cuteness, and versatility for those winter days when you don't want to do too much to your hair except get it out of the way.

The total price of this project was $10 (the knit fabric was on sale). Personally I already owned the remainder of the necessary sewing tools. Also, you do not need to own a sewing machine for this project. This same project can be done by hand with needle and thread or with liquid stitch. Hilariously, those items cost last that 5 dollars combined.  You can't get better than that. Today, I will show you all the tips and techniques on how to make this cap. If you're interested in checking out how I made this DIY satin lined beanie, watch the video below.

If you are interested in seeing this tutorial done with needle and thread or liquid stitch, please comment below your request.

If you're interesting in my last DIY satin lined hat that I made by hand, click here.

If you want the pattern for this project along with typed instructions, click here.

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DIY Graphic T-Shirt (Natural Hair Themed)


Happy Friday Hair Friends. I want to share with you a craft that I have started on recently. I have been monogramming/screen printing everything in sight. I love DIY-ing things because they make great gifts and are easy on any budget. I shared a DIY Length Check Shirt a while ago and this project uses the exact same tools and techniques. Click here to check that post out. Furthermore, this graphic t-shirt that I created is actually printed on the front of my length check shirt. Win-Win front and back t-shirt for less that 15 bucks. That's a steal and a deal. Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. T-shirt - Walmart $3
  2. Iron - (Free unless you don't own one)
  3. Blow Dryer - (Everyone has one especially if you follow this blog lol)
  4. X-Acto Knife - Walmart $2.50
  5. Fabric Paint - Michael's $2
  6. Paint Brush - Walmart $2
  7. Freezer Paper - Walmart $5

Step 1- Create a stencil.
I created my stencil using PicMonkey. Most of their templates and fonts are free and you can have access to everything for only $4.99 per month. That's about the price of a happy meal these days. For my stencil, I simply used #HOTD, which means Hair of the Day. I like this hashtag and I thought it was a great pick. You can choose the words, phrases, letters, or acronyms of your choice.

Step 2: Print or trace the stencil.
Once you create a stencil, print it out. Or if you don't own a printer, like I, then you can trace the stencil directly from the computer screen. I taped a piece of my freezer paper to the computer screen and lightly traced the image.  If you are printing the stencil, you will place the freezer paper on top of the printed image and trace the image (you can save the printout for another project).  Be sure to trace on the non-wax side of the freezer paper.

Step 3: Cut out the stencil.
Now it is time to cut out the stencil with the X-Acto knife. I placed my freezer paper on top of an old clip board and clipped it in place. Next, I cut out the stencil with the knife. Mistakes will be made but practice makes perfect.

Step 4: Iron the stencil onto the t-shirt.
With the iron on the setting WITHOUT STEAM, gently iron the stencil onto the shirt. Make sure that the wax side is facing down so it can stick to the shirt.  Continue to iron over the stencil until no portion of the freezer paper is sticking up around the stencil. Let the shirt cool for one minute. 

Step 5: Paint over the stencil.
Next, I took a paint brush and painted over the stencil. I used a sponge brush but I've used a bristle brush in the past that has worked just as well. Make sure to put a piece of freezer paper in between the two layers of the t-shirt to prevent paint drips on the opposite side of the shirt. Also, a few coats of paint will help the design to be more opaque.

Step 6: Remove the stencil and blow dry.
Carefully remove the stencil from the shirt and blow dry the shirt with hot air for about 5-7 minutes or until the paint is dry. Enjoy your graphic t-shirt.

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Wash Day & Stress Balding


Happy Monday Everyone! I have been sooooo busy and I feel like I say that every week. It has been amazing that I have been able to keep up with my blog. No wait, I lied. I haven't been able to keep up with my blog...something else just ends up being neglected. Don't judge me but blogging is my happy place so I have to do it.  Additionally, graduate school has been time consuming. I am so piled up with assignments and I have no time for doing my hair at all. Last week I noticed a thinning area on my scalp. I didn't think too much about it and my husband said that he didn't think it was that bad.  Oh but it was. This discovery led me to want to flat iron my hair for the week. With straight hair, I can have a break from moisturizing and twisting my hair every night.  Long story short, I was very saddened by my discovery. Keep reading.........

For starters, I covered my curly strands with conditioner to prep for shampooing. Shampoo is really striping and I like to cover my strands with conditioner to help retain my strands moisture as I shampoo my scalp.  Once my hair was fully covered with conditioner, I began finger detangling my hair to release any hair that could cause tangles during the shampoo process. After detangling, I shampooed my hair with Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three.   I always like to clarify my hair when I want to straighten it.  I straighten it to remove all of the product buildup from wearing my hair natural.  I just rub it through my hair gently and rinse it immediately without working it into my scalp. This really starts a clean slate.  After one shampoo of the Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three Clarifying shampoo, I apply OGX Moroccan Creme Shampoo. I focused this shampoo on my scalp and massaged with my tangle teezer to lift impurities. Next, I applied my deep conditioner by It's a 10 (REVIEW).  I sectioned my hair to ensure that all of my strands were coated and applied the conditioner mid shaft while working it down to the ends of my hair. Lastly, I twisted each section after applying conditioner.

Next, I covered my hair with a plastic bag and sat under my hooded dryer for 15 minutes. I never use my hooded dryer and decided to take it out because I promised myself to donate the things I don't use. Therefore, I am using a lot more of my hair related things lol. After 15 minutes, I rinsed the deep conditioner, and sectioned my hair for blow drying with my FHI Ionic Blow dryer. As for my heat protector, I used FHI Hot Sauce. This stuff is so old that all the labels have rubbed off of the red bottle. I think it has new packaging now as well. I  am sure that mine has expired but I still use it from time to time.

This is the part of the story that I dislike. After blow drying my hair, with a comb attachment, I notice a sparse section in the back of my head. I didn't think anything about it until I flat ironed my hair with my FHI Runway flat iron, applied Shea Moisture 100% Argan Oil, and did a length check. My hair turned out really sleek and my hair has grew since my last length check. Check out my blow dry and flat iron routine here.

As for the length check, I noticed that my hair was very thin directly in the middle of my hair at the bottom, so I lifted my hair to see a tremendous balding spot in the back of my head. I was so shocked and speechless. Check out this hair! I'm almost positive that the thin middle portion is directly related to this balding section of hair. I had a full conversation with myself about my hair that went something like this: "You are going bald. Is it stress related? What if it has to do with wearing my hair in tight pony tails.  How do you make it grow back."   Luckily, no scissors were called into action this time. Lol. You all know that I can be scissor happy when my hair is misbehaving. However, I am going to do a little research to solve this mystery. Does anyone know a remedy for this problem?

Has anyone experienced this type of hair loss, and how did you fix it? Share you comments below!!!
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How I Flat Twist My Natural Hair (Video)

Happy Friday everyone! Here is a video on how I flat twist my hair! See ya Monday! Check out the Wash Day and Hair of the Day of this tutorial HERE and HERE.

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Hair Of The Day (HOTD)

Happy Monday everyone. Here is how my Wash Day Chunky twist out ended. First, I let my hair air dry overnight. Then, I untwisted my hair the next morning and fluffed it out. Side note, the back of my hair was still wet (does anyone else hate when this happens) so the twists were not so defined. Then I had an awkward middle part going on in the I had to roll with it because I had to go to work. My coworkers teased me about that middle part though lol. Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying your Monday. Have a blessed one and inspire/bless someone today by giving them a compliment...even if their middle part is showing.

Products for this style: Shea Moisture Kids Curling Buttercream and Shea Moisture Argan Oil (All ingredients were applied to damp hair.)

See why I have not posted in a while here.

Come back Friday to see how I twist my natural hair + VIDEO.

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Wash Day (Curly Hair)


Ohhhh  my!!!! Where has the time gone? My days are long, my nights are too short, and my weekends do not seem to exist. I have thoroughly neglected my strands to the max but they are still hanging on lol. Where do they find the strength? It was definitely not from my tender love and care. I try to keep it moisturized by spritzing it with water at night and two strand twisting it. However, some nights, most nights, I end up plopping down in the bed to watch the NBA basketball games with my husband and that is often where my strands find their resting place. Another culprit is the fact that after I finish working late nights or driving home from night classes at 10 pm, that I simply lack the motivation to even touch anything hair related. If you are interested in where I have been click HERE. This has been my go to style everyday. This matted puff has been ripping out my edges. I must stop lol.

To whip this hair back into shape for wash day, I sprayed water to small sections of my hair and finger separated my strands (finger detangling video coming soon). After I thoroughly separated each section, I loosely two strand twisted my hair in chunky sections. Even though my hair gets 87% detangled this way, it is far better to keep my hair detangled throughout the week because this process is time consuming. Not to mention, single strand knots are serious y'all. I mean they will take you out of the hair game where the scissors are not in your favor.

After finger separating my hair, I condition washed my hair with Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner. To cleanse, I massaged my scalp with the conditioner and lifted impurities by exfoliating my scalp with my tangle teezer. Check out my wash day video here. Next, I deep conditioned with It's A 10 miracle hair mask. Here is what it looked like on my strands.

Next, I pulled my hair up in a loose puff to prepare for deep conditioning. This helps my strands receive heat by being pulled to top of my head. My Gold N Hot Conditioning Cap gets hottest toward the crown and I want all of my strands to get the deep treatment.

Finally I rinsed out my deep conditioner while my hair was still in a puff. Next, I applied argan oil to my wet strands and single two strand twisted my hair. I rarely single two strand my hair but this was a quick style that did not require as much time as my flat twist outs. Stay tuned for Monday's post if you want to see how my hair style turned out. Hair of the Day post will be this Monday 12.05.16. See you then.

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