DIY Graphic T-Shirt (Natural Hair Themed)


Happy Friday Hair Friends. I want to share with you a craft that I have started on recently. I have been monogramming/screen printing everything in sight. I love DIY-ing things because they make great gifts and are easy on any budget. I shared a DIY Length Check Shirt a while ago and this project uses the exact same tools and techniques. Click here to check that post out. Furthermore, this graphic t-shirt that I created is actually printed on the front of my length check shirt. Win-Win front and back t-shirt for less that 15 bucks. That's a steal and a deal. Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. T-shirt - Walmart $3
  2. Iron - (Free unless you don't own one)
  3. Blow Dryer - (Everyone has one especially if you follow this blog lol)
  4. X-Acto Knife - Walmart $2.50
  5. Fabric Paint - Michael's $2
  6. Paint Brush - Walmart $2
  7. Freezer Paper - Walmart $5

Step 1- Create a stencil.
I created my stencil using PicMonkey. Most of their templates and fonts are free and you can have access to everything for only $4.99 per month. That's about the price of a happy meal these days. For my stencil, I simply used #HOTD, which means Hair of the Day. I like this hashtag and I thought it was a great pick. You can choose the words, phrases, letters, or acronyms of your choice.

Step 2: Print or trace the stencil.
Once you create a stencil, print it out. Or if you don't own a printer, like I, then you can trace the stencil directly from the computer screen. I taped a piece of my freezer paper to the computer screen and lightly traced the image.  If you are printing the stencil, you will place the freezer paper on top of the printed image and trace the image (you can save the printout for another project).  Be sure to trace on the non-wax side of the freezer paper.

Step 3: Cut out the stencil.
Now it is time to cut out the stencil with the X-Acto knife. I placed my freezer paper on top of an old clip board and clipped it in place. Next, I cut out the stencil with the knife. Mistakes will be made but practice makes perfect.

Step 4: Iron the stencil onto the t-shirt.
With the iron on the setting WITHOUT STEAM, gently iron the stencil onto the shirt. Make sure that the wax side is facing down so it can stick to the shirt.  Continue to iron over the stencil until no portion of the freezer paper is sticking up around the stencil. Let the shirt cool for one minute. 

Step 5: Paint over the stencil.
Next, I took a paint brush and painted over the stencil. I used a sponge brush but I've used a bristle brush in the past that has worked just as well. Make sure to put a piece of freezer paper in between the two layers of the t-shirt to prevent paint drips on the opposite side of the shirt. Also, a few coats of paint will help the design to be more opaque.

Step 6: Remove the stencil and blow dry.
Carefully remove the stencil from the shirt and blow dry the shirt with hot air for about 5-7 minutes or until the paint is dry. Enjoy your graphic t-shirt.

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