DIY Satin Lined Cap (Free Pattern Printable)


Hello again. Do you remember last year when I made a cute satin lined cap that looked like the photo below? It was made from a hat that I already had and I put pink satin lining on the inside of it. Well, it was super cute, useful, and I used it all throughout the winter season last year. However, it was kind of difficult wearing it with different colors. I had too stick to the gray color scheme. Also, the pink satin lining kind of shows through the gray knit fabric. Never the less, it was still cute and effective at keeping my hair protected.

However, this year I set out to make my very own faux slap cap. I did a lot of research on google and YouTube of people who made their own beanie/cap from scratch. I had no clue how to make a beanie/cap, I just figured it out about a week ago. But I want to share with you what I learned on how to make a cute, affordable, DIY, satin lined cap.

This cap has black and white knit fabric on the outside but it has black stretch satin fabric on the inside.  This cap is super stretchy. The key to the stretch is the knit fabric, stretchy satin fabric, and the zigzag stitches.  The cool thing about this cap is that you don't have to use just one color scheme. You can use any type of fabric you want. You can use fabric that is red, gray, multicolored, YOU NAME ITTTTT.  As long as your fabric is stretchy, then you can make tons and tons and tons of these caps to work with any outfit in your wardrobe.

1 yard of Black and White Knit Fabric - Walmart - Sales Price $2.09 - Original Price $7.00
1 yard of Stretch Satin Fabric - Walmart - Original Price $7.94

This tutorial is easy and the price is right. It is not 100% perfect but it does the job of protection, cuteness, and versatility for those winter days when you don't want to do too much to your hair except get it out of the way.

The total price of this project was $10 (the knit fabric was on sale). Personally I already owned the remainder of the necessary sewing tools. Also, you do not need to own a sewing machine for this project. This same project can be done by hand with needle and thread or with liquid stitch. Hilariously, those items cost last that 5 dollars combined.  You can't get better than that. Today, I will show you all the tips and techniques on how to make this cap. If you're interested in checking out how I made this DIY satin lined beanie, watch the video below.

If you are interested in seeing this tutorial done with needle and thread or liquid stitch, please comment below your request.

If you're interesting in my last DIY satin lined hat that I made by hand, click here.

If you want the pattern for this project along with typed instructions, click here.

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6 comments on "DIY Satin Lined Cap (Free Pattern Printable)"
  1. I'm so super excited to have found you and can't wait to give this a go today!!!

    1. Yayyyy me too! Come back anytime! Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. How many hats were you able to make with one yard if fabric?

    1. I bought 36 in (1yrd) but I've only made 2 caps. I still have a good amount of fabric left though. Maybe I can squeeze in two more in my opinion. Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Hi! I subscribed to your YouTube Channel today, have printed the pattern and so excited to start on this project. Planning to get more satin today and I always buy whatever satin remnants I can find. I have a couple of different knit fabrics to start. YAY! You're Aces with me.

    1. Yayyyyyyy! Thanks for subscribing! I'm excited to see your cap! Come back and share it! ☺