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Best Shampoo Ever?!?!


You all know what my stance is on shampoo. I use it to clarify with once per month and I use it when I want to straighten my natural hair. Otherwise, I do not use shampoo at all. However, I will opt to use a cleansing conditioner or conditioner wash (co-wash) for my strands. The truth is that I have nothing against shampoo. I just have failed to find a shampoo that delivers moisture without totally leaving my hair crispy and stripped over time.  My natural hair texture is fine, coarse, kinky, and a bit on the dry side. I need moisture more often than not and I cling to my staple products for dear life because I fear a hair catastrophe.

We all have different hair types whether it is straight, wavy, curly, or kinky! But our hair need depends on how fast oil travels down the hair shaft. For curly girls, our hair tends to be on the drier side due to the oils inability to travel freely/quickly down the shaft. On the contrary, straight hair tends to get more oily due to an abundance of oil traveling down the strand. With this in mind, I know my hair needs moisture or moisturizing agents (surfactants) included in my shampoo. Harsh cleansing agents like sodium laurel sulfate is cheap and shampoos that contain it are as well. It's been known to strip hair as well. Gentle cleansing agents does the same job as harsh agents would at no expense to your strands.
According to good sulfates include Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate Cocoamidopropyl Betaine Methyl Cocoyl Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Sodium Lauryl Glucose Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate Decyl Glucoside.
Other great shampoo additions include panthenol, hydrolyzed silk and/wheat protein, glycerin, green tea extract, aloe Vera extract, coconut oil, shea butter, agave leaf extract, sesame seed oil, and vitamin E.

I have recently felt the need to step out of my hair comfort zone and try new products. Yes, that means shampoo as well. I did a little research online at of the best shampoo to use for all hair types.  I was intrigued, so I combed through the article with a fine tooth comb and set out to try new shampoos. It was a very informative read and had me running online to purchase the one that stood out from the rest. The top three shampoos included: Davines Oi Shampoo for dry hair, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day for oily hair, and Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo. put these shampoos, for both dry and oily hair, to the test. They did not test shampoos that were for specific hair dilemmas like chemically treated hair, or hair with dandruff, or hair that like cleansing conditioners because let's face it. If your hair is any of the previous, it still falls in the dry or oily category.

Aveeno’s Pure Renewal was labeled the best drugstore brand less that $8 and the Living Proof Shampoo was labeled higher end (more than $20) but that shampoo is simply a cleansing shampoo.  The Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo is cost efficient (less that $10) but the Davines Oi Absolutely Beautifying Shampoo for dry hair was the clear winner. This shampoo was sulfate free and provides beneficial oils for dry hair.  If you interested in reading more about the other shampoos mentioned and reviewed, click here.

So, long story short, I took the hair test and tried the best shampoo pick for dry hair, Davines Ol Shampoo and  I compared it with my current Shampoo by Ogx (which is also sulfate free).

Here are the contenders:
Nominated Best Normal to Dry Shampoo: Davines Oi shampoo

My Current Shampoo: Ogx Moroccan Argan Creme Shampoo

Did it create a satisfying amount of suds?
There were not a lot of suds during the shampoo process with Davine's shampoo but my curls were defined. My Ogx shampoo is a smoothing shampoo and I noticed that my curls were limp and the shampoo lathered a lot. I'm not a huge lather lover, especially since I use a lot of product in my hair and rarely see a lot of suds (unless I shampoo more than once).

Was its smell overpowering?
I love the smell of both of these shampoos, however, I like that Davine's shampoo has a unisex/cologne fragrance. I wouldn't mind having hair that smells like either of these shampoos.

How easily did it foam up and rinse out?
I shampooed with each shampoo twice. I received a decent amount of foam for both and they both rinsed out easily. However, I noticed that Davine's shampoo left my curls super springy and healthy and shiny looking.

How did hair feel after it had finally dried?
My curls were very soft and defined when I rinsed out Davine's shampoo. Also, my hair felt soft with my Ogx shampoo. However, my curls were more defined and elongated on the side I used Davine's shampoo. Other than that, there was no real noticeable difference on the two sides as far as softness goes.

How did hair and scalp feel throughout the week?
I definitely noticed less itching on the side exposed to the Davines, which lets me know that it doesn't irritate my scalp.

The Davine's shampoo, compared to my current shampoo is nothing less than awesome. I love how hydrated my hair looked during the shampoo process. If you are looking for a new Shampoo, I suggest the Davine's Ol shampoo! I also recommend reading the post from It's packed with information and research that was not covered in this post. I can honestly say that I've found a new shampoo and am tempted to call it the best shampoo ever.
I was contacted to review the shampoo article from but all thoughts about the shampoo are my own.

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Hi Hair Friends,

Quick Update! I'm still blogging! I have just been SUPER DUPER UPER busy. My husband and I just moved, and as you may know, moving is a process. Not to mention, we got a puppy. However, we had to give the puppy back to her owner because she was a lot of work. I love animals but they are a big responsibility. That brings me to my next point about responsibility. As I mentioned before, I now have a full-time job from 7-5 most days and I am a full-time graduate student and wife.

You may ask, "How do you find the time?" That's just it...I have to find more time lol.  All jokes aside, I often times have to leave some things on the backburner, to just sit there, until time permits. Lately, it has been my blog. I still want to keep up with my Monday and Friday post but I am considering changing my post days to just Mondays. I'll let you know as time goes on.  However, as of now, I will still make a strong effort to post on both days.

On a happier note, I only have 6 MORE HOURS UNTIL GRADUATION. YAYYYYYYYYY! I also have to take a comprehensive exam but the finish line is so near,  I really appreciate everyone who reads and comes back every Monday and Friday to see my posts. Blogging about my hair is truly my passion and it means so much to know I do it with a community of people who I can share, converse, and interact with about hair.

Please let me know what posts you are interested in seeing in the comment box below. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. New post coming on Monday!!! Stay tuned. Have a good hair day!

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Nape Nonsense (Part 1)


Hi Hair Friends! In the last few posts, I let you guys in on a hair dilemma I am having. The dilemma is that I am experiencing some thinning in the back of my head on the hairline.  I was not alarmed at first until I noticed a thinned area in the middle of my hair. The photo where my hair was on the triangle was taken in August 2016 and the photo where my hair is on the square was taken 12/11/16 and there is visible thinning at the nape and in the middle of my hair. I am currently not taking any medication but I am experiencing stress on the job as well as graduate school which can contribute to hair loss. Also, poor maintenance and upkeep can also promote hair loss. I am no stranger to thinning edges. It is quite hard to keep up a healthy hair regimen when I'm so busy at times (it's hard to keep up with my hair period lol).

For the entire month of December, I sprung into action by taking multi-vitamins daily, incorporating scalp massages, deep conditioning, and a few other things. To my surprise, at the end of the month, my hair had grown 1/2 an inch and my hair looked so much healthier. Also, I got a trim that sort of hid the the thinning in the middle of my hair but it is still somewhat of an issue. This is how my hair looked with a fresh trim and freshly flat-ironed hair. This photo was taken 12/23/16.

This photo below was from my length check taken 1/1/17. (Check out the length check post here!) My hair was weighed down with Shea Moisture Argan Oil but my ends look healthier. and my strands are shiner.  However, my middle area is still a bit see through.  

Things that has helped so far:
  1. Getting rid of coconut oil (Coconut oil is starting to dry my hair out for some odd reason I have made the switch to using only argan oil )
  2. Taking a multivitamin daily (I take One-A-Day Adult VitaCraves Healthy Metabolism Support and the awesomeness surrounding this multivitamin is that it contains 100% Biotin, which is great for hair growth. I purchase it from Walmart)
  3. Low-manipulation and tension free hairstyles (I keep my hair out of the way 90% of the time and try to wear loose ponytails)
  4. Deep conditioning (I deep condition for every Wash Day)

Things that I need to work on:
  1. Being nice to my edges (I brush my edges with my tangle teezer almost everyday and when I hear strands popping, I feel bad about it lol)
  2. Using my satin pillowcase and silk scarf (I make a lot of these for myself with my sewing machine but sometimes I get lazy and forget to tie up my hair or sleep on my pillowcase)
  3. Scalp Massages (I only do scalp massages with my tangle teezer and scalp invigorator on Wash Day or when I think about it from time to time. I'm not sure if this will make a major difference but I know scalp massages stimulate follicles for growth.)
  4. Taking better care of my curly hair (Moisturizing and sealing at night)
  5. Patience

Here is an up to date photo of my nape area. If you look at my nape HERE you will see a little growth. I will be posting periodically on my nape nonsense progress. Stay tuned.

If you have any suggestions or remedies for thinning edges/nape, please let me know in the comments below.

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Length Check January 2017


August 2016

January 2017

Last Cut/Trim: 12/22/16

Average Growth Since Cut:
*see photos*
Last Length Check: 09/02/16 

August 2016 Measurements:
Front: 9 in.
Middle: 9 in.
Sides: 8 in.
Back: 6 in.
Overall Length: Shoulder Length (SL)

January 2017 Measurements:

Front - 10 inches (+1 Inch)
Middle - 10 inches (+1 Inch)
Side - 9 inches (+1 Inch)
Back - 7 inches (+1 Inch)
Overall Length: (A little past) Shoulder Length (SL)

I am loving my progress so far. I'VE RETAINED 1 INCH OF LENGTH!!!! I am really starting to see progress. In August, my hair was super frizzy, dry, and split.  Also, months before that, I lost inches due to cutting my own hair off and other setbacks.  Currently, I am trying to recover from nape and temple thinning but this too will be repaired. In my January photo, my hair is a little weighed down with oil but click here to see what my hair looked like freshly washed/trimmed. My hair has grown for shoulder length to a little past shoulder length in three months. I am checking my progress with measuring tape and this length check shirt. I did a DIY post of this shirt a while ago and my hair stops on the square (2nd line) right now. In August, I was on the triangle, which is the 1st line on the shirt. If you want to make a length check shirt of your own click HERE. Check out my last length check HERE. My overall goal was to be armpit length by January 2017.  However, I am not far behind my goal. My new goal is to be armpit length by September 2017. 

What are your hair goals this year? Comment below.

New Post Every Monday & Friday!