Length Check January 2017


August 2016

January 2017

Last Cut/Trim: 12/22/16

Average Growth Since Cut:
*see photos*
Last Length Check: 09/02/16 

August 2016 Measurements:
Front: 9 in.
Middle: 9 in.
Sides: 8 in.
Back: 6 in.
Overall Length: Shoulder Length (SL)

January 2017 Measurements:

Front - 10 inches (+1 Inch)
Middle - 10 inches (+1 Inch)
Side - 9 inches (+1 Inch)
Back - 7 inches (+1 Inch)
Overall Length: (A little past) Shoulder Length (SL)

I am loving my progress so far. I'VE RETAINED 1 INCH OF LENGTH!!!! I am really starting to see progress. In August, my hair was super frizzy, dry, and split.  Also, months before that, I lost inches due to cutting my own hair off and other setbacks.  Currently, I am trying to recover from nape and temple thinning but this too will be repaired. In my January photo, my hair is a little weighed down with oil but click here to see what my hair looked like freshly washed/trimmed. My hair has grown for shoulder length to a little past shoulder length in three months. I am checking my progress with measuring tape and this length check shirt. I did a DIY post of this shirt a while ago and my hair stops on the square (2nd line) right now. In August, I was on the triangle, which is the 1st line on the shirt. If you want to make a length check shirt of your own click HERE. Check out my last length check HERE. My overall goal was to be armpit length by January 2017.  However, I am not far behind my goal. My new goal is to be armpit length by September 2017. 

What are your hair goals this year? Comment below.

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