Hi Hair Friends,

Quick Update! I'm still blogging! I have just been SUPER DUPER UPER busy. My husband and I just moved, and as you may know, moving is a process. Not to mention, we got a puppy. However, we had to give the puppy back to her owner because she was a lot of work. I love animals but they are a big responsibility. That brings me to my next point about responsibility. As I mentioned before, I now have a full-time job from 7-5 most days and I am a full-time graduate student and wife.

You may ask, "How do you find the time?" That's just it...I have to find more time lol.  All jokes aside, I often times have to leave some things on the backburner, to just sit there, until time permits. Lately, it has been my blog. I still want to keep up with my Monday and Friday post but I am considering changing my post days to just Mondays. I'll let you know as time goes on.  However, as of now, I will still make a strong effort to post on both days.

On a happier note, I only have 6 MORE HOURS UNTIL GRADUATION. YAYYYYYYYYY! I also have to take a comprehensive exam but the finish line is so near,  I really appreciate everyone who reads and comes back every Monday and Friday to see my posts. Blogging about my hair is truly my passion and it means so much to know I do it with a community of people who I can share, converse, and interact with about hair.

Please let me know what posts you are interested in seeing in the comment box below. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. New post coming on Monday!!! Stay tuned. Have a good hair day!

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3 comments on "Update!"
  1. I may be alone here but I really enjoy your update posts 😊 I read everything, but those are my favorite. I think it's bc they're about hair while you live your life and they give us a lot of context around the natural hair struggle.

    1. Thank you Kenya for the awesome comment! I'll keep them coming for sure! Maybe I'll start incorporating some photos of what I'm doing during the "downtime" as well! 😊

  2. That's a really good idea, I think we readers would love that 😊