Update! (January 24th - February 13th)


Hi Hair Friends,

Thank you all for still coming to my blog every Monday and Friday to check out my posts. As you may or may not know, my husband and I are settling in to our new place. I have been happily decorating like crazy. I've always had a dream home in mind and I feel like this house is becoming a dream home. One of the ladies here on blogger, Kenya, suggested that I include photos in my updates and here is a photo of our master bedroom and how it's shaping up. I love it. Our room never really had a theme color but I've been feeling a little "blue." *Laughs out loud!* I've been adding pieces since January and it's almost finished.

Something else new is that I've joined a sewing group to help sharpen my skills and interact with my threaded counterparts. It has really been fun and has allowed me to de-stress after work and fuel my creativity. Recently, due to spending too much time on Pinterest, I have organized my fabric and it now has a proper storage place. It's just a filing crate that I bought from Walmart. I used the hanging file folders as hangers for my fabric. I think it turned out pretty well.

As for hair, I have been wearing my hair straightened since my last hair post. However, Sunday, I washed, deep conditioned, and wore my hair curly. I styled my hair in a ... twist-out!!!! That is seriously my favorite style. I will always wear it. Here is a shot of my dry straightened hair before washing it.

I'll try to update my blog with these types of posts more often when I am too busy to post about my hair. New wash day post will be posted on Friday. Also, check out my last update here. To see my last blog post about hair, click here.

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3 comments on "Update! (January 24th - February 13th)"
  1. I love this! My favorite was your bedroom pic tho, I have a thing for a freshly made bed hunni 😍 Question: is straight hair easier to maintain when you're busy with life? I have 2 babies (22month and 5month) and just went back to work and I was wearing wigs but I want something new and was considering using heat for a while. What do you think?

    1. Hey Kenya! I think that straight hair is easier to maintain but I want to answer your question in a blog post that I'm doing on Friday in a more detailed format because I realized that I had typed you a page long response (which I deleted) lol. I will definitely post it on Friday in a separate post! :)