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Davines Ol Shampoo Update


I'm still loving this shampoo. Typically, when I straighten my hair, it will be itching to no end by the end of the first week straight. Unfortunately, I have to endure the scratching until I wash my hair at the end of week two. However, with this shampoo, I don't feel that itchy scalp sensation all the time.

In fact, I even clarified my hair before I shampooed and I still don't feel the itch at all. There are some itchy feelings here and there but it is not extreme. No patting my head or scratching with my finger nails repeatedly.

This shampoo is literally my favorite. I don't feel like I dread the straight hair process anymore like I did when I had itchy scalp all the time. To be a shampoo, it is free of the nasty stripping sulfates, cleans well, and it does not lather up a lot. For a curly girl like me, that is an advantage.

Here is a photo of an old braid out I did on my 2 week old straight hair. Hoorah for these natural inches y'all.