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Hair of the Day | Flat Twisted Puff


Here is a twisted hair style that I have been rocking this summer. This is the result of an old twist out that is played out. I simply parted my hair on the side and made two jumbo flat twist on both sides. Lastly, I secured my hair with a goody elastic (without double tying it) and gelled down my edges (which I never do...feeling fancy).

Hello Hair Family! It has been a long time right? I am still around playing life and the game is going well I must say. This has been a year of major blessings for my family and I.

Quick Update: I graduate this August with a masters degree. Yayyyyy! Long time coming!!!!! Also, my husband and I are moving to a downstairs unit in September. No biggie. Lol. Annnnndddd...I have another surprise I want to share with you peeps so stay tuned for that!!!!!!  Other than that, I no longer am doing my small business because it's not that small anymore if you know what I mean. LOL...I'm just taking time out to enjoy this summer and my family and life and yeah that is about all.

Oh and I haven't forgotten about you guys or my blog and have hopes of posting more frequently. I know I say that all the time but I do mean it when I say it. LOL. Work will pick back up soon and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hint...hint...but let's pray that the outcome is good no matter what. I hope you all are doing well and getting to enjoy some of this summer weather. Much love to you all!!!!!