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Curly to Straight Wash Day


Hello Fall and HELLO HAIR FRIENDS! Today I decided to come out of hiding again and post for the first time in a while. As you may know, GRAD SCHOOL IS OVAAAAAAA!!!! Yes, life feels more normal again. However, there is a new normal and it can be time consuming or life consuming as well. Anyway, I love popping in and sharing my new hair details with my blog fam.

Nothing has changed really. I have been rocking this nappy puff for like 3 - 4 months lol. I have not been innovative at all as far as hair styles are concerned. I pretty much just wake up, spray my hair with water, add a little Shea Moisture buttercream (LINK) to my edges, and use my tangle teezer to brush my hair up into yet another puff. I'M SO FANCY...NOT.

So, I decided to shock the working world, my husband, and myself by washing my hair this weekend and straightening it. OOOOHHH LALALALAAAAA. Honestly, I only did it because I felt that my hair was so matted and the only way to untangle was to comb, blow, and straighten it out.  Oh, and I also got another trim which I didn't care for. All a girl needs is a few good friends, a good husband, and a good hair dresser. Is that too much to ask? I am still searching for the latter!

Anyway, I did not detangle my hair beforehand. I simply dumped my head under my kitchen faucet and let the warm water do the detangling work for me. I used my tried and true favorite shampoo by Davines.  As you may know, Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner was DISCONTINUED. I tried another cowash by Mielle (I think that is the name of the brand) from Sally's and it did not work for my hair type. My scalp was itchy until the next time I washed it again. I HATED THAT PART + my hair was dull. So, I have quit my search for the perfect cleansing conditioner and am sticking with my Davines Oi Shampoo. I works just like a cleansing conditioner because it doesn't lather much or leave my hair dry and striped. It also boosts shine without any itchy residue on my scalp.

Trust me, that was not sponsored, I just love it that much. CHECK OUT MY REVIEW OF THIS SHAMPOO HERE. As usual, I used my tangle teezer to exfoliate my scalp of any impurities and rinsed clean. Next, I applied my deep conditioner, by It's A 10 (LINK), with the purple top. I only use this conditioner when I want to straighten my hair. I rubbed the conditioner from root to tip in sections. Next, I covered my hair with a grocery bag and sat under my Gold N' Hot conditioning cap (LINK) for 30 mins. CHECK OUT MY WASHING ROUTINE HERE.

When I rinsed out the conditioner, I used a t-shirt to dry my hair of excess water and apply my leave-ins. I applied Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray as a heat protectant and to accelerate drying time. I also applied It's A 10 Miracle Leave in (LINK) as a moisturizing leave in (it also protects against heat). Next, I applied FHI Hot Sauce as a detangling leave in conditioner and Redken's Extreme Anti-Snap Serum to protect my ends from damage.

After all of that, I started the blow drying process with my FHI Blow dryer (LINK) and a Denman brush. I use the Denman brush to stretch out my hair as a run the blow dry air along my hair shaft. This is a healthier alternative to the round brush method or using a blow dryer attachment. Reneice from youtube uses this method on her clients and I have come to love it dearly. The whole entire blow dry process took 1 hour.

Lastly but the most fun part is flat ironing my hair. I used my FHI Runway flat iron (LINK) on the highest setting (450) and straightened my hair in small sections. I used the chase method with my 3 row comb (LINK) that I purchased from Sally's years ago. My hair has grown so much that even I was shocked by it. It was in desperate need of a trim so here is the before trim and after trim photo. Sorry for the poor quality of the trimmed photo...darkness caught up with me by the time I made it home to snap the photo. The flat ironing process took 1 hour as well.

Length Check is coming soon. Thanks for reading and until next time have a good hair day!!!!!