Final Length Check of 2017


January 2017 Measurements:

Front - 10 inches
Middle - 10 inches 
Side - 9 inches 
Back - 7 inches 
Overall Length: (A little past) Shoulder Length (SL)

December 2017 Measurements:

Front - 13 inches (+3 Inches)
Middle - 13 inches (+3 Inches)
Side - 11 inches (+2 Inches)
Back - 10 inches (+3 Inches)
Overall Length: Armpit Length (APL)

My new goal is to be armpit length by September 2017. 

The statement above was what I said my goal was for my hair back in January of this year. My hair was shoulder length at the time and I was on a journey to restore my temple damage around my hairline (Update on the temples coming soon). However, I am amazed at just how much growth I have retained. I moved from the square on my length check shirt to the four leaf clover. Which is approximately 4 inches of overall growth. Not to mention, I have trimmed my hair here and there throughout the year (nothing major though). I've also neglected my hair like crazy due to the fact that I have been pregnant since April of this year. With that in mind, I know that the prenatal vitamins and hormone changes has helped my hair grow and I hope that postpartum shedding won't affect my hair too much (fingers crossed). However, this growth is the most I have seen in my entire life and I am literally thinking MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY HAIR RIGHT NOW... LOL. Of course, I plan to get a trim in the near future but I want to self trim...any suggestions?

Thanks for sharing this hair care journey with me for those of you who have stuck around despite my inconsistent posting. I hope to see what great things you have accomplished this year besides anything hair related so drop a comment to let me know. As always, I anticipate an even bigger and better new year with you guys and my blog.

Last Flat Iron: December 23, 2017
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